10 Things You Can Learn About A Guy By Sleeping With Him

There are numerous subtle cues you can pick up on during a date with a guy that can give you an idea of how he may behave in bed. Conversely, when you engage in intimacy with him, you may gain insight into his everyday behavior. Therefore, making love early on in a relationship may not necessarily be a major blunder; in fact, it could aid in determining if he is a potential long-term partner. Here are a few things that sleeping with a guy can reveal about his character.

1. How confident he is

If a guy maintains eye contact and communicates his desires clearly during intimacy, it indicates a high level of confidence. He is assertive and unafraid to express his needs. Additionally, his ability to take charge in bed and seamlessly transition between positions can signify his comfort with being in control of the situation.

2. How well he listens

Communication doesn't always have to be verbal. If a guy is attentive, he should be able to read your body language and respond accordingly. For instance, if you respond positively to neck kisses, he should continue. On the other hand, if you pull away when he tries to engage in certain activities, he should respect your boundaries. If he fails to recognize your cues or ignores them entirely, it suggests poor listening skills, which could be problematic in a future relationship.

3. How caring and considerate he is

While it's possible to be intimate without physical affection, a guy who takes his time to kiss you tenderly and stroke your hair demonstrates a gentle, caring side. Furthermore, expect him to cuddle with you after the encounter. This is a crucial aspect of a man's character that can be learned by being intimate with him. His ability to prioritize your comfort and pleasure during the experience is critical.

4. How open-minded he is

If you propose having sex in a different location, such as the couch or against a window, and he is unwilling, it may indicate close-mindedness. The more receptive he is to trying new things, the greater the range of activities you can enjoy together. This characteristic extends beyond the bedroom. It's likely that you desire a partner who is adventurous and spontaneous, so discovering this while being intimate with him is vital, rather than later realizing he's not the right match for you.

5. How boring he is

If a guy maintains a steady tempo throughout without changing the speed or attempting new positions, he may come across as dull. A more exciting partner would make unpredictable moves and do what feels right, rather than playing it safe. While there's nothing inherently wrong with being vanilla, it can become monotonous over time. At least, that's what one would assume.

6. How fit he is

A guy's slim physique doesn't necessarily equate to fitness. You can ascertain the truth when he's on top of you. If he becomes breathless and sweaty after just a few minutes, it's a sign that he's out of shape. However, if he can last all night without requiring you to take charge, he's as fit as a fiddle. The duration of intimacy need not be a marathon session that lasts all night, but it's reassuring to know that he has the endurance to keep going.

7. How responsible he is

Does he inquire about STDs or have protection available beforehand? If not, you should question his reliability. If he doesn't consider the risk of contracting an STD or the possibility of impregnating you, what does he care about? When being intimate with a guy, it's important to feel that he cares about your well-being as much as he cares about sex. If that's not the case, it's a definite no-go.

8. How selfish he is

Does he offer to pleasure you or does he immediately disengage after he finishes? If he cares about your satisfaction, he wouldn't just doze off without attempting to help you finish. Intimacy should be a mutual experience, not just for his pleasure. If he's solely focused on his own pleasure and unconcerned about yours, it's a red flag.

9. How laid-back he is

Although sex is meant to be passionate, it's important to remember that embarrassing moments can happen. If you accidentally bump noses or make a funny sound, he should either laugh it off or ignore it. If he reacts with disgust, it's a sign of immaturity. Sleeping with someone should be enjoyable and playful, and laughing together can make it even better.

10. What really turns him on

Before getting intimate with him, you may have some idea of what turns him on, but once you're in bed, you'll truly discover what drives him wild. Is it your chest, legs, or backside? Only time will tell. But once you know, you can use that knowledge to make future encounters even hotter.

What You Can Learn About Yourself From Sleeping With A Guy

Having sex with someone can reveal not only information about the other person but also provide self-discovery.

1. What you like and what you don't

Masturbation can provide insights about what turns you on, but sexual experiences with a partner can be different. What you thought might be enjoyable in theory may not be the case in practice. Sleeping with a guy can help clarify your sexual preferences and what truly gets you off.

2. What your kinks are, if any

Sleeping with a guy can clarify or even reveal your potential kinks. You may discover that you are turned on by things you never thought you would be, such as being choked or having your toes sucked.

3. What sex means to you

Sleeping with a guy can reveal a lot about your approach to intimacy and relationships. Are you someone who gets attached quickly or can you enjoy the experience more casually? Pay attention to what you learn about yourself in the process.

4. Whether you're a good judge of character

You may have thought that the guy you were interested in was great in bed, generous, caring, and charismatic, but sleeping with him will reveal if you were right about your judgment of his character.

5. Whether you like the guy as much as you thought you did

Sleeping with a guy is a reliable way to gauge whether the chemistry and connection you thought you had are genuine and sustainable. If there's no intensity or connection in bed, it's likely that he's just another disappointment that you're better off without.