10 Things You Are Doing On Social Media To Turn Guys Off, According To A Guy

10 Things You Are Doing On Social Media To Turn Guys Off, According To A Guy

Prospective partners will inevitably peruse your online profiles, and if a man likes what he discovers, he may develop even deeper feelings for you. Conversely, if he dislikes what he finds, it could be a significant deterrent. Here are ten behaviors you may be exhibiting on social media that could be repelling potential suitors.

1. Posting risqué selfies

While a few selfies are acceptable, it's essential to be mindful of how much skin they reveal. Unless you're at the beach, overly revealing selfies may intimidate potential boyfriends. If all of your selfies are risqué, guys looking for a serious relationship may not view you as a viable candidate. Whether intentional or not, it sends a message that you're only interested in having a good time and not seeking a committed relationship.

2. Ranting and raving

While social media serves as a platform for venting, it's crucial not to go overboard. Most guys appreciate an opinionated and passionate woman, so if you feel strongly about a topic, go ahead and post about it. However, there's a thin line between expressing your views and launching into rants. Some men may be put off by your Facebook page if it's filled with lengthy paragraphs ranting about the world's problems. Women would likely have the same reaction if they encountered such posts on a man's Facebook page. It's a two-way street, so keep that in mind.

3. Vaguebooking

Regardless of the relationship, nobody appreciates vaguebooking on social media. Posting ambiguous and enigmatic messages on social media is similar to playing mind games in a relationship. If a guy sees you doing this, he may perceive you as someone who enjoys playing games and is somewhat immature. If you can't express yourself directly, most guys won't bother attempting to decipher your messages.

4. Sending nude Snapchat pics

Sending nude Snapchat pics might be tempting to attract a guy you've just met, but it's not conducive to a long-term relationship. When the relationship progresses, sending such pictures can be alluring. However, at the start of a relationship, it's best to avoid doing so. It may not necessarily frighten him away, but it could imply that you're not interested in a serious relationship or aren't girlfriend material.

5. Posting pics of other guys

Unless you're interested in accumulating random guys, it's best to limit the number of pictures of unfamiliar men on your social media. Potential boyfriends will come across these photos, and you probably wouldn't want them to be needlessly envious or intimidated. If your brother or close friend frequently appears in your photo collection, that's acceptable. However, if there are too many unknown men in your pictures, a decent guy's attraction to you may wane.

6. Tweeting like it's your job

Guys who are interested in you will likely check out your Twitter activity. They may be disappointed if you haven't posted anything in a while. However, most guys aren't avid readers, so tweeting excessively can be overwhelming and unappealing to some. Reading lengthy rants consisting of ten tweets every day can be tedious. Keep in mind that nobody wants to follow someone who inundates their timeline regularly.

7. Being guilty of premature status change

Changing your relationship status too early can be an excellent way to intimidate a guy. While it may seem like a standard protocol, avoid announcing your relationship status until you've discussed it with your partner. Don't let the guy discover through social media that he's now in a relationship. Wouldn't it be more romantic to discuss it together and update your statuses simultaneously?

8. Posting sleeping selfies

Honestly, I can't fathom why sleeping selfies are a trend. Unless you're on a family camping trip or having a sleepover with your girlfriends, posting one online could discourage potential boyfriends. They'll wonder who took the photo and assume it was another guy, causing their attraction to you to dissipate rapidly.

9. Having an account full of nothing but selfies

Whether we like it or not, taking too many selfies can be a problem. While they're enjoyable, it's essential to diversify your posts. It's similar to having an Instagram account solely dedicated to your cat, with 800 photos. If your social media is full of selfies, even if they're adorable, people may consider you dull and unimaginative. While it may appear superficial, most guys will reconsider dating someone who is addicted to selfies.

10. Posting crying photos

A photo of yourself crying is not a good thing to post on social media if you want to attract a potential boyfriend. It may come off as attention-seeking and tragic, which are not traits most guys are looking for in a girlfriend.