10 Things To Text A Guy To Make Him Blush (That Work Every Time)

Have you ever observed a male blushing?

It is likely one of the most adorable sights. The combination of his smile and attempted concealment of his crimson countenance tugs at our heartstrings.

And to answer in advance - males can also blush.

They may not openly acknowledge it, but blushing does occur in males. Moreover, it can even be triggered by something as effortless as a text.


Let's establish some texting rules.

Early in a romantic relationship, avoiding certain behaviors is as significant as taking certain actions. Hence, it's crucial to determine which texting strategies to steer clear of.

Our recommendations are:

Don't blow up his phone

Have you ever received a series of texts from a man who appears normal, asking questions such as "Are you still there?" or "Where did you go?"

Or perhaps he continued the dialogue with himself before inquiring about the situation.

The key takeaway is, it's irksome (if not unsettling) when he behaves in this manner. The same holds true when you do it.

Aim to limit yourself to sending one message at a time. It may be acceptable to send a second consecutive text if clarification is necessary, but one text is ideal.

Stop yourself from texting back right away

Upon seeing his name appear on your screen, you may feel the urge to respond immediately. There may be a fear that if constant communication isn't maintained, he will swiftly become disinterested.

However, it actually has the opposite effect. By not being instantly accessible, he will be left curious about what you are doing.

As he realizes the need to put in more effort to capture your attention, his appreciation for your time will increase when he finally succeeds.

When you receive a message from him on your phone, take your time before responding. Allow him to miss you briefly.

Keep your tone upbeat

People generally avoid interacting with individuals who consistently bring negativity or depressing topics to the conversation. Such constant negativity may lead to being ignored.

The same principle applies to the guy you have feelings for. He won't find you attractive if you consistently bring down his mood with negativity.

Therefore, aim to maintain a positive tone in your text messages, even on tough days. Later on, in a well-established relationship, you'll have the opportunity to be more transparent about your feelings of sadness.

For now, maintain a positive outlook. Your positivity will attract him.


Use some pet names to spice up basic messages

This does not imply using embarrassing terms when addressing him. Avoid terms that your grandparents might use and opt for more mature, flirtatious pet names instead.

Using terms like "honey" or "sweetie" can be dull, as these are names he could be addressed by family, a bartender, or a waitress.

Incorporating pet names like "handsome," "sexy," or "babe" in your texts, indicates your interest in him, and it's particularly effective on guys who are shy or reserved.

He'll find it hard to contain his embarrassment and joy when he reads such messages.

Examples: "Hey handsome, how's your day going?" or "Good morning, sexy. Did you sleep well?"

What makes you drawn to him? Compliment him on it

Do his eyes captivate you? Does his mischievous smile always excite you?

Share your admiration with him! Add details about what you like and how it affects you to see him blush.

The beauty of this approach is its versatility. It can be cute, charming, or sensual, depending on what you are complimenting.

For example, mentioning his eyes is innocent, while mentioning his hands and how they feel when they touch you adds a sensual element without being explicit.

Examples: "Your smile sets my heart aflutter." or "The way you run your hands through your hair always ignites my desires."

Texting plays a significant role in all aspects of our social lives and is an unavoidable aspect.

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Take a selfie for him

Taking photos is an incredibly flexible option, allowing you to convey any mood by simply adjusting your attire, expression, and pose.

A full-body picture showing you looking over your shoulder highlights your buttocks, adding a touch of sexiness. A photo of your smiling face is charming.

The moods you choose to convey can make him blush. Regardless of the mood, direct eye contact with the camera is recommended, rather than looking into the mirror or off to the side.

This approach gives him the understanding that the photo was taken specifically for him, making him feel as though he is establishing eye contact with you.

Ask him for a picture

Not just men enjoy receiving pictures. If you are attracted to him, it is likely that you admire his appearance in some way.

There's nothing shallow about admiring someone's appearance. Even if he wasn't originally your type, you may have come to love certain aspects of his appearance over time.

You can also request pictures from him to admire. If you're feeling bold, you could make specific requests for what you'd like to see. At the very least, he will feel flattered knowing how much you enjoy looking at him.

Get a little naughty with it

Both shy and confident men are likely to become embarrassed when a beautiful woman like yourself expresses her desires confidently with them.

If you have already been intimate with him, send him a message describing how one of his actions excited you. If not, let him know that you have been fantasizing about him or are unable to sleep due to your intense desire for him.

Increase the heat by texting him these thoughts while he is working. The knowledge that you find him irresistible and are unable to stop thinking about him during the day will get his heart racing.

We guarantee that his cheeks will become noticeably red.

Examples: "I cannot stop thinking about our experience the other night. Your sounds were so arousing, they keep replaying in my mind." Or "I was unable to sleep last night. I was imagining being in bed with you and what we would do."

Give him a sugar rush with your sweetness

Just as you may have felt embarrassed when a man has sent you a romantic message in the past, he too can experience the same reaction.

A lesser-known fact about men is that many of them enjoy being romantically pursued as well. Send him those charmingly romantic messages you have always wanted to receive yourself.

If he doesn't turn red from your messages, he will at least have a big smile on his face while reading them.

However, it's important to proceed with caution when using this method. Pay close attention to the underlying meaning.

Avoid sending overly romantic texts if you have just started talking or haven't gone on a date yet. Only use them sparingly and make sure both of your feelings are mutual before sending.

Examples: "I can't stop imagining your beautiful smile." or "You always leave my heart racing."


If you can make a man blush just through texting, it's a strong indication that you are making progress in winning his heart.

However, your texting skills alone are not enough to secure his love, so continue to use other strategies to win his heart.

Your texting style can greatly impact a relationship, especially in today's age where much of our communication is done via text. Avoid being a dull, clingy, or overly needy texter as this could potentially harm the relationship before it has a chance to flourish.

Consider seeking advice from experts like Amy North to improve your texting game and avoid being a boring, clingy, or desperate texter, which could harm your chances of starting a successful relationship. You deserve to be in a healthy and thriving relationship.

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