10 Things To Tell Yourself When You Feel Like You Need A Man In Your Life

Have you ever found yourself pondering about meeting the perfect guy, so that the two of you can unite and become an invincible entity? Hold on for a moment. You're not incomplete, a fraction of a person, or missing anything. You're already complete - you don't require anyone to make you whole. If you find it challenging to accept this, keep in mind the following:

You're Well-Equipped To Deal With Anything Thrown Your Way—You Don't Need A Man To Help You

It's astonishing what you can handle independently. The more time you spend alone, the more capable you become of handling whatever challenges life throws your way. However, there's a catch - you must be alone to comprehend this.

If You're Not Happy Without Someone, You're Not Going To Be Happy With Someone

If you're not already content within yourself, pursuing a relationship solely for the sake of being in one won't bring you happiness. To achieve a profound sense of fulfillment, you must relinquish the belief that anyone beyond your inner self is accountable for your joy.

There Are Fewer Expectations When You Rely Solely On Yourself

Consider this for a moment: if you depend solely on yourself for your stability, happiness, and overall wellness, there's a lower chance that you'll be let down. And if you are, the responsibility falls entirely on your shoulders. Be compassionate and empathetic toward yourself. You're nurturing a relationship with the most crucial person in your life: yourself.

You Can Only Grow So Much In A Relationship Before Your Partner's Growth Stunts Your Own — Or Vice Versa

I'm not implying that all relationships are negative and destined for failure. However, similar to a small piece of pie on a chart, it can grow to a point where it no longer fits within the pie. Do you understand what I mean? If you don't divide and compartmentalize yourself to fit into a relationship, you won't have to be concerned about either outgrowing it or being outgrown.

You Can Cultivate An Entire Network Of People You Can Rely On, No Questions Asked

When you're not in a relationship, you have the freedom to choose your companions without worrying about alienating anyone, such as a male friend who is purely platonic or not running back to your parents for emotional support. This liberty to select your surroundings is akin to having free rein in stores like Ikea or Pier One, without being concerned about anyone else's opinion on your choices.

Wholeness Is Self-Acceptance

Self-acceptance starts when you love yourself exactly as you are, whether you're donning stilettos or sweats, wearing contouring makeup, or leaving your hair undone. This unadulterated self-love is authentic through and through, regardless of how much your partner may smile and nod during your blemished or bloated days. Nobody understands self-love better than you.

Figuring Things Out On Your Own Is Really Important

Be it fixing a broken sink pipe or crawling under your house to replace an air filter in your HVAC unit, these challenges push you to learn, do things, and surpass your comfort zone, ultimately leading to personal growth and success. Regardless of any other factors, doesn't this feeling of accomplishment feel fantastic?

Three Words: Books, Cats, And Tea

Being on your own allows for the freedom to indulge in whatever you desire. Whether it entails reading "The Hunger Games" repeatedly, sipping on unlimited cups of English breakfast tea, or owning more cats than society deems appropriate, it doesn't matter. Being complete means remaining authentic to yourself, and if cherishing cats and tea is frowned upon, then who wants to be correct?

There's Much To Learn From Being Alone

Taking a break from relationships doesn't mean you have to stay single forever. Trying it out for an unspecified period can be beneficial. Being alone can provide ample time and zero pressure to gain a more authentic perspective on pressing issues. There's no need to worry about letting someone down by feeling or thinking a certain way.

It's Easier To Live An Authentic Life When You Aren't Marred By The Actions And Opinions Of Others

I understand that most of the people we know are influenced by the company they keep. This is reflected in the popular adage that suggests that we become the average of the five individuals we spend the most time with. When we force ourselves to associate with someone just for the sake of it, we compromise our true selves. This is because deep down, we recognize that there is a fundamental incompatibility. Incompatibility arises from divergent character traits that do not align with our core values. It's not worth pretending to be someone else when we can embrace our authentic selves and live our best lives.