10 Things That Never Fail To Put A Woman In The Mood

While the wind may be enough to arouse a man, women are typically more complex in their desires. We crave love and affection to truly ignite our passion, although there may be other factors that can also be effective. To help prepare for intimacy, here are some fail-safe methods to get women in the mood.

1. Back Massages

Even better yet, a foot massage. Interestingly, it's the small acts of kindness without any hidden intentions that truly excite us. Why? It demonstrates that our partner genuinely values us beyond just physical intimacy.


2. Getting Pushed Against A Wall

We don't desire our partners to be excessively rough to the point of causing bruises or scratches, but a little bit of physical assertiveness can be enjoyable. It's exciting to witness our partner take charge, revealing their strong attraction to us and their eagerness to be intimate.

3. Foreign Accents

The content of what he says is irrelevant as long as it sounds alluring. Even reciting the French alphabet can be captivating to hear from your partner. The ability to speak multiple languages just adds to their appeal.


4. Matching Underwear

Our partners aren't the sole instigators of our arousal. Occasionally, we can take matters into our own hands. By donning a matching set of lingerie and a chic black dress, our self-assurance will soar, eventually leading to increased sexual desire.

5. Neck Kisses

A man should avoid heading straight for the lips if he wants to ignite your passion. Instead, directing his lips to your neck can be highly arousing. For some reason, this area is incredibly sensitive, and if stimulated correctly, can cause your entire body to shudder with pleasure.


6. The Right Cologne

While men are often stimulated by visual cues, women are aroused by all five senses. This is why a man wearing a delectable cologne can be incredibly seductive. Without even trying, simply embracing him and inhaling his fragrance can be enough to ignite your desire.

7. Whispering

Whatever your man whispers in your ear is likely to arouse you. The sound of his voice becoming deep and raspy is particularly enticing, eliciting moans of pleasure in response.


8. Intelligence

Whether your man incorporates a five-syllable word into conversation or shares a previously unknown fact about the economy, his display of intelligence is bound to excite you. Smart has become the new standard for sexy.

9. Innocent Touches

The most delightful touches occur when you're snuggled up with your man, and he idly traces his hands over your body. It's reassuring to know that he appreciates your physical form, even without expecting it to lead to anything more. However, he's mistaken if he thinks these touches won't arouse you.


10. Using His Mouth

It's often underestimated how pleasing it can be for a man to use his mouth, but it's always an opportune moment for him to do so. If he wants to truly satisfy his partner, he can simply part her legs and place his face between them.