10 Things That Make A Gemini The Best Zodiac Sign

10 Things That Make A Gemini The Best Zodiac Sign

Each sign of the zodiac has its own specific traits that make it unique. The Gemini, or the Twins, is for those that are born between May 21st and June 21st of every year. Though they may have a bad reputation for being manipulative or sometimes even described as dangerous, they possess some fantastic qualities as well.

1. They will have you laughing most of the time as a result of their quick wit and incredible sense of humor. Always willing to be silly, they do not hesitate to make the most of a boring situation.

2. Usually described as odd, they have been known for their weirdness, but it is their randomness and unpredictability that makes them unique and great to be around.

3. A Gemini does not hold anything back. Instead, they can be brutally honest, not sugarcoating anything that they have to say. Though they are opinionated and have no trouble making their feelings known to others, that is the reason that they can be good friends. They won't spare your feelings, always telling you how it is.

4. Their natural curiosity and desire to hear the problems of others is what makes them formidable leaders. If you are willing to open up to a Gemini, they will help steer anyone in the right direction.

5. By their very nature, Gemini's are intelligent which makes them inquisitive. They use this trait to their advantage by learning everything they can on various topics, their knowledge becoming intimidating.

6. They are always there for those they deem close to them, always quick to provide words of encouragement when needed. This zodiac sign is characterized by being sympathetic and compassionate, which means that they genuinely care.

7. Natural conversationalists, Gemini's have a way with words like no other zodiac sign out there. With endless knowledge, they have the ability to talk for hours on various topics, getting you to confess your deepest secrets.

8. Gemini's can make some of the best of friends as they are compassionate and love to get into new adventures. They love to travel and debate, which means that they provide endless hours of entertainment.

9. Extremely loyal, they are always there for their friends when they are in need, ready to take the tough road in any situation. These individuals are ones that can be counted on in times of a crisis, always coming through.

10. Extremely practical and intelligent, a Gemini has the knack for finding the best solutions to any problem. They are realistic, which means that they are also able to prevent those problems from happening again.

The traits that a Gemini possesses makes them one of the best zodiac signs. Intelligent, practical, compassionate, and loyal are all characteristics that make for a great friend and a leader. They are always someone that you can reach out to with any problem, or just to talk to. Maybe, you can even learn a thing or two from them, picking their brain for information about any topic.