10 Things Single Girls Do That Are Creepy AF

When we develop strong feelings for a guy, our actions may become peculiar and awkward, without any bounds. Upon reflection, it may be embarrassing, but at the time, we may not be able to control our behavior. In reality, we may even act in a somewhat eerie manner due to our affection, although it may not cause any harm. Here is evidence of such behavior:

1. We stalk our crushes (and everyone they've ever known) online

It's effortless to become a stalker these days with the internet at our disposal. We can spend hours cyber stalking our crushes, repeatedly browsing through their Facebook page and sometimes even going through their friends', family members', and ex-girlfriends' profiles several times a day.

2. We imagine what our lives together would be like in creepily specific detail

We tend to fantasize about every detail of our future with him, from the proposal to the wedding, and even where we'll retire in 35 years. We imagine a perfect life together with a cute dog, a stylish apartment, and cozy evenings with him cooking lasagna after a long day at work, watching Netflix, and snuggling on the couch. However, the problem is that we're not even in a relationship with him. Oh no!

3. We say our names with his in our head to see if it sounds good together

We might have started doing it when we were only 12, but some habits die hard. It's not like we're getting married, we're just checking if our names still sound great together. We're merely rehearsing for the day when we will have to announce it to the world.

4. We stare at guys and then look away as if we're trying to be cute

We're not deliberately attempting to flirt; we're just behaving weirdly, and guys happen to misinterpret it as some kind of advanced flirting technique. While we may appear to be displaying interest in a seductive and intriguing manner, it's not intentional. In reality, we're freaking out inside but trying to remain low-key. Trust us.

5. We outright hate any girl who's in a photo with him

It's super awkward, but it must be stated. Whenever we come across an attractive guy and begin to stalk him online, we can't help but click on the picture of the hot girl he's with at the beach. We immediately begin to question who she is and why she's with our potential boyfriend. Even though we have no idea who she is or her relationship with him, we can't help but despise her.

6. We find out his astrological sign and then see if we're compatible

It's common knowledge that certain zodiac signs like Taurus and Cancer are ideal for romance, whereas signs like Aquarius and Leo are a recipe for disaster. When we're interested in a guy, we want to know everything about him, including his date of birth, not just to score an invitation to his party, but to check if our relationship is astrologically compatible.

7. We obsessively re-read our text conversations and see if there are any clues he likes us back

When he said "see you later," what did he truly imply? Did he want us to ask him out later or is he planning to surprise us by showing up later? Should we feel enthusiastic about it? Perhaps not, but we'll obsess over it anyways simply because we can.

8. Wherever he is, we are too

We'll go to extreme measures just to spend time with him, even if it's in a group gathering. At times, we'll awkwardly stand next to him, being the creepy stalkers that we are, just to keep staring at his adorable face. Sometimes, this can even involve showing up at bars or sports events just because we know he'll be there. It's bizarre and slightly overwhelming, but it's something we do.

9. We ask really specific questions and then pretend not to care

When we want to get to know him but don't want to appear too needy, we'll casually ask a few questions like, "What did you do last night?" or "Which neighborhood do you live in?" We'll then create an entire story in our head based on his response, all while pretending to be somewhat unimpressed or uninterested. Little does he know, our minds are racing at lightning speed.

10. We smell him

This one's for all the die-hard stalkers out there. If he's standing next to us and we happen to inhale, we're definitely sniffing him... but it's not like we're doing it intentionally. He simply gets the cologne to pheromone balance so spot on. How are we supposed to resist? We're just human after all.