10 Things People Will Say To You When They Truly Love You

When a person is in love with you, he or she will care about you more than their own wellbeing. They’ll be thinking about you most of the time.

They will always ensure that you’re okay. A person who loves you will always speak to you in a caring manner to show you how much they care and respect you. All they desire is to see you happy, safe, and doing fine.

When you truly love someone, it’s not a must that you keep confessing your deep love to them to prove your feelings towards them. You can let your loved ones know you love them in so many other ways other than using the words “I love you”. Sometimes the little simple words you say to your lover will show how much you care. Here’re some of the words people use when they truly love you.

1. Be careful

When they love you, they want you to be safe. They don’t mean you’re careless, but they’re only reminding you to be careful.

They care about your security and well-being. And if a person doesn’t love you, he or she wouldn’t make an effort of saying such words.

2. Do you need help?

Someone who loves you will be quick to offer their assistance to you. Whether it is a difficult or a simple task, a person who’s in love with you won’t mind helping. They want you to have a comfortable life as possible.

3. Everything would be better with you

Your lover may be on the most fantastic vacation or place in the world but still wish you were with them. Because their days are more enjoyable and fulfilling in your presence.

4. I was thinking about you

When you’re away from someone you love, your mind won’t stop thinking about them. Perhaps you saw a movie that reminded you of your lover or saw a beautiful gift and bought it for your special one.

5. I’m here if you need me

If a person tells you to count on them if you need help or someone to spend time with, it shows that they are there for you. They truly love you, and they would rather be the first person you think of when you need something.

6. I miss you

When you think about someone, it means you’re missing them and their love. You’re important to them and in their life. And when you aren’t near them, they’ll miss you terribly.

7. I want to know everything about you

When a person shows interest in knowing more about your life, it proves they have real love towards you. And by learning more about you, they’ll feel connected with you.

8. You mean a lot to me

They want you to know you mean everything to them. That you’re extraordinary in their life and they want to spend their future with you.

9. In the future…

If someone is planning future trips, vacations, and life experiences with you, it’s a guarantee they love you. All they desire is growing old together with you.

10. I love you

It might be clear, but one of the most persuasive words that someone who’s in love can say is “I love you.” They are revealing their affection to you directly. This means that they care and you’re a great person in their life.