10 Things Only Extremely Creative People Will Understand

10 Things Only Extremely Creative People Will Understand

If you're a profoundly creative individual, you know that's as much of a blessing as it is a curse. You don't think or act like an average person, but you will understand these statements.

Loving a highly creative person is challenging, but being one is even worse. From restless minds to eccentric behaviors, it's similar to living on the edge of ultimate bliss and depression at the same time.

Here are 10 points only great creative minds will understand:

1. Immaturity keeps the flow alive

Creative people are often childish and immature. This feeds their curiosity, one of the most vital tools for expressing themselves.

2. Notorious procrastinators

Most people hate the idea of doing things last minute to avoid extra pressure, highly creative minds, thrive on it.

Often, they deliberately procrastinate and delay their work, just to f to experience the rush of the challenge.

3. My work, myself

There are no boundaries between a creative person and work. They are what they do, and it's no wonder they always need validation.

To make the matter more intriguing, the self-worth of a highly creative individual depends on what others say. That's quite the opposite of their free spirit and need for isolation.

4. They need deep feelings

Creativity is a sincere expression of emotions. A creative person has to feel deep if to communicate in the same manner.

It doesn't matter if it's happiness or pain: for highly artistic people, visionaries, it's all about their work, no matter how much they suffer.

5. They require space

Don't take it personally: a highly creative person has to have a lot of space and alone time to work.

They will often set boundaries and get anxious if someone's trying to "invade" their space. Can you blame them? Not really. They aren't wired as an average person. It's how they operate. Everything else will stop their flow.

6. Staying on the task is impossible

There's no room for boredom. The moment a creative mind feels trapped, they will skip onto the new project.

Keeping focus is hard, but when they do get into it, it's like the world stops to exist.

7. Master overthinkers

When your whole life depends on fresh ideas, you can't stop your mind from intense thoughts.

It's exhausting, tiring, yet it can be rewarding since creative people don't see the world beyond their work.

8. They are authentic

Creative minds are in touch with their most real selves. It's hard to imagine that a person who lives in imagination can be so genuine, but it's just another duality of a creative person.

Though they need validations, creative individuals hate the idea of being anything other than themselves.

9. Creatives are psychic

They're not actually psychic, but creative people are highly intuitive. They will see a person's BS before anyone else. However, they respect individuality and won't judge you as harshly as the others.

10. Always looking for an alternative

It's not hard to understand what drives creative people to challenge the status quo. They are curious overthinkers with high IQs.

Highly creative people enjoy suffering as much as they enjoy living their most authentic life. It's not an act: Neuroscience confirms that the brain of a creative person looks different compared to an average.

What do you do if you love a creative mind? Give them space, encourage them, but don't try to manipulate or fully understand them. You'll fail every time!