10 Things Only A Long-Term Partner Who Truly Loves You Could Do For You (according To Experts)

10 Things Only A Long-term Partner Who Truly Loves You Could Do For You (according To Experts)

Love can be expressed in words, but not all the time. Most of the time, true love is evidenced by the things people do and not the things they say. After all, words are worthless when there are no actions to back them up.

So, even in the absence of words, you can know that your partner loves you and loves you for real.

The problem is that, sometimes, you might not know for sure that your partner is 'the one.' But let that not worry you. Here are ten things that only a truly loving partner would do.

1. You Are Part Of Their Plans

A partner who loves you will always make you part of their plans. Even when they have to move, they will wonder how that affects you and will usually make a final decision with your consultation.


That's because they want you to have a say in such matters. After all, they think you are part of their lives. However, when such plans don't include you, then that's a huge red flag and it is not a very promising sign for your future together.

2. They Let You In On Their Secrets

In a relationship, you don't have to share everything for there to be stability. However, someone who loves you will never hide anything that could have an impact on you or your relationship with them. This should include serious medical diagnoses and past decisions that could affect your present relationship.

3. They Make Their Feelings Clear To You

Your partner does not need to tell you that they love you for you to believe that they truly love you. As long as you are confident of their feelings towards you, constant words are not necessary. That said, a loving partner will always tell you they love you from time to time.


So, don't think that being showered with attention is the only true sign of true love. As long as you have lasting assurances about your relationship, there will be nothing, if anything, to worry about.

4. They Value The Time You Spend Together

When you have a partner with whom you can enjoy time together regardless of what you are doing, then that's a really good sign for your relationship. This is especially so if you can stay together without talking and still enjoy yourself.

5. They Consider You A Friend

People get into relationships for all kinds of reasons. These include money, the desire for children, or even common interests. However, the one thing that keeps couples together despite all the possible obstacles along the way is friendship. You can only appreciate and love being around your partner when you consider them your friend.

6. They Accept You


You seem perfect despite your flaws because they have accepted you for who you are to the right person. That is why you feel so free in their company. This person does not have wishes that you were different. They are perfectly fine with who you are.

7. They Respect Your Personal Space

Even though your desire might be to spend as much time as possible with your partner, each person will need some personal space sometimes. Partners in a healthy relationship need some personal space, and they give each other this space whenever necessary.

According to Caleb Backe, a Health and Wellness Expert, even though enjoying quality time together matters, spending time alone is also important.

8. They Make An Effort To Keep You Satisfied Sexually


Unsatisfying sex life can put a strain on your relationship. However, when a partner says clearly what they want sexually and wants you to do the same, then that's a good sign that there is deep love between you. So, there should be open communication about your erotic desires, and you should both be comfortable discussing such issues ahead of time.

9. Disagreements Are Respectful

If your partner can express their disagreement respectfully, it is a sign they are reliable and mature. This kind of partner will respect your opinion and take time to hear you out even when you argue. The problem starts when you start to avoid conflict because you know it could go all the way and even break the relationship.

10. They Bring You Happiness

When you are with this person, you feel happy and contented. You are completely free with each other and you feel loved and appreciated in their presence. There is a deep connection between the two of you that you have never felt with anyone before.

So, is your love true?