10 Things My Boyfriend Does To Make Me Feel Secure In Our Relationship

I've had my fair share of relationships with men who made me feel unsure about our connection and myself. I had almost given up on finding someone who could make me feel loved, at ease, and content until I met my current boyfriend. With him, I finally found the happiness and security I had been looking for.

1. He's Honest And Transparent About Everything

From his past to his current feelings towards me, I never find myself doubting what he thinks or feels. Since the moment we met, he has maintained complete transparency with me, sharing every detail without hesitation. In my opinion, honesty plays a crucial role in any relationship, and his unwavering truthfulness allows me to reciprocate the same level of openness. Additionally, he never passes judgment or makes me feel ashamed about anything I divulge, even if it is something that leaves me feeling embarrassed.


2. He Values My Time

Unlike my previous partners, he never overlooks my presence or takes it for granted. He actively expresses gratitude for the time we spend together, never expecting me to stick around without acknowledgement. We alternate making decisions on how to spend our time, ensuring that both of our preferences are taken into account. Additionally, I have noticed that when we are together, he rarely uses his phone. Although I struggle to resist the temptation of scrolling through mine, the fact that he refrains from using his phone during our time together inspires me to follow suit.


3. He Has No Problem Apologizing

Despite his tendency to apologize excessively, I find comfort in the fact that my boyfriend takes full accountability for any issues or challenges that arise in our relationship. He refrains from making excuses or casting blame on me, which strengthens my trust in him. Similarly, I have no trouble reciprocating this behavior when I am in the wrong.


4. He Builds Me Up Instead Of Breaking Me Down

Previous partners I have dated displayed insecurity and jealousy, traits that my current boyfriend does not possess. He admires my self-confidence and never makes me feel ashamed for my appearance or personal style choices. Instead, he encourages me to express myself and celebrates my achievements. He supports my aspirations without fearing that they will detract from our relationship.


5. He Shows Up For Me No Matter What The Situation Is

I appreciate how my boyfriend always prioritizes our relationship by readily joining me in any activity I suggest, whether it's a mundane task or a night out with friends. I can depend on him for unwavering support throughout life's highs and lows, which fosters a deep sense of trust and reliability between us.


6. He Doesn't Try To Control Or Change Me

My boyfriend's love and support for me are unconditional, and he always encourages me to be myself. It's strange that some of the personality traits that attracted previous partners, such as my spontaneity, friendliness, and sense of style, became qualities they wanted to change after we began dating. However, my boyfriend has never attempted to control or alter anything about me. Instead, his treatment of me and his outlook on life motivate me to improve myself.


7. He Treats Me The Same Way No Matter Who Else Is Around

Whether we are alone or in the company of others, my boyfriend consistently shows me love, admiration, and respect. In the past, I have been in relationships where I felt ignored in public, despite having excellent chemistry in private. I have also been with partners who acted differently towards me when others were present, creating the impression of being laid-back and compassionate while being the opposite when it was just the two of us. However, my boyfriend treats me with the same level of kindness and compassion regardless of our circumstances.


8. I Never Have To Worry About How He's Going To React

Regardless of what life throws at me, I am confident that my boyfriend will react in a level-headed manner. His thoughtful approach to every situation, regardless of its nature or culpability, makes me feel extremely secure in his presence.

9. He Compliments Me Often, But Not Just About My Looks

Let me be clear; my boyfriend does not solely compliment my physical attributes. While I appreciate his praise regarding my appearance, he also admires my character, talents, and interpersonal skills equally, if not more. Though he does make it a point to convey his belief that I am the most beautiful woman in the world, he also acknowledges that my most admirable qualities have nothing to do with my physical appearance.


10. He's Consistent

The reason I feel so assured in my relationship is that my partner remains consistent in his behavior. He does not play mind games, and he stays true to his word, showing up for me in every aspect of our relationship. He doesn't change his demeanor depending on the situation or his mood, which is why I have complete faith in him.