10 Things I Do Because I've Been Through Too Many Heartbreaks

10 Things I Do Because I've Been Through Too Many Heartbreaks

When you have been heartbroken so many times. When you have been cheated on, or have been lied to, and still manage to survive, some things change about you whether you like it or not. You may stand there and judge me as having too much baggage, but before you go too far, here are some things to know about me.

1. I Value Kindness More Than You Know

How you treat other people will mean a lot to me. When you are kind to others, I will notice, and when I realize that you are rude and negative towards others, you can expect not to be part of my life.

2. I Promise To Take Things Slow, But It Doesn't Always Happen

I try to take things slow whenever I get into a new relationship. But there are times when my heart will not agree, and I can get anxious and overwhelmed as a result.

3. I'm Still Hopeful Despite Being Through The Worst

Although I have been through hell and back, I still have hope that love will knock on my door someday. I think that has to be the bravest thing after experiencing all those heartbreaks.

4. I Often Feel Inadequate

There are times I feel like I am unworthy of love, that I will never find someone for me. My past of hurt and pain has everything to do with it. Yes, I have to work on getting my self-confidence back.

5. For The Right Person, I Have A Lot To Give

The moment I find the right person for me, I will love them with all I have. After being hurt so many times, I can love as nobody else can. I know the value of kindness and compassion, and I can be the most loving person you have ever met. I am also brave, and that makes me a great partner because I can stand up to any challenge that comes our way.

6. I Can Notice Toxic People Very Easily

However good toxic people are at hiding behind their charm, I can see their selfish intentions from afar. Having been exposed to so much toxicity in my time, I can notice these people coming from very far away.

7. I Hide My Feelings

I don't reveal my feelings too readily. That will only happen when I can trust you completely. After all those heartbreaks, letting my guard down and showing my true feelings is a major step for me.

8. I'll React To Everything As Soon As Possible

When I start to notice that you are ignoring me and taking me for granted, I'll notice right away and act accordingly. Having been through the pain of all that in the past, you can expect that your bullshit will not be tolerated in any manner.

9. I Am Afraid To Trust You, Although I Would Like To

Even after countless reassurances, I will still have problems trusting you. Although it is not fair to not trust you, especially without a reason, I have been through enough betrayals to have trouble trusting anyone.

10. I'm Cautious, For A Good Reason

Going through heartbreak is never easy, and it makes you wary as you might walk into a similar situation again. That makes me alert as I want to protect myself from potential heartbreak.