10 Things Guys Say When They Plan On Stringing You Along Forever

I have moved on from the guy who strings me along with late-night texts but then confesses he's not ready for a committed relationship when things seem to be going well. It feels like a waste of time and a bit insulting. While it's understandable for someone not to want a serious relationship at the moment, it's frustrating when they don't make that clear from the start. If a guy is planning to keep you hanging indefinitely, here are some things he might say.

1. "Maybe next weekend"

If a guy is unwilling to commit to plans with you, it's likely because you're not a priority in his life, and he may be seeing other people simultaneously. While this is acceptable if he's been transparent about his intentions, otherwise, it's a sign of dishonesty. The weekend he chooses to hang out with you in public is likely due to his other plans falling through.

2. "'Sup"

It's a straightforward situation - he contacts you but doesn't have anything specific to say. A simple "sup" message is his way of checking that you haven't moved on from him yet. Responding to this type of message is a victory for him, so it's worth considering leaving it on read.

3. "Sorry, I'm really busy with work"

Although many of us lead busy lives, we usually rearrange our schedules to make time for what we want to do. Using "busy at work" as an excuse once is understandable, but if it becomes a recurring pattern, it could indicate that he's keeping you on the hook. If you're feeling brave, confront him about it. Suggest hanging out for a short period, like sharing a pizza at his place or meeting for a quick lunch break if you work nearby. If he's using the "busy at work" excuse as a cover-up, he's likely to come up with another excuse.

4. "I just need a little bit of space right now"

If he perceives you as being too needy, he may ask for some space. However, don't be surprised if he comes back around in about a month when he feels lonely. He may apologize for pushing you away before and attempt to draw you back in. It's important not to fall for this, as healthy couples work through challenging times together. If he gets bored, he'll likely end things again since he knows you'll always be there to come back to.

5. "I'm not a PDA kind of guy"

While some people may be put off by it, declaring one's attachment is typically not something done at the start of a relationship when both parties can't seem to get enough of each other. If he tells you he doesn't want to appear too attached when out in public, it could be a sign that he's already looking for a way out of the relationship. If he only seems interested in you when you're alone, it's a red flag.

6. "Is it okay if your friends don't come to this?"

He will likely try to avoid meeting your friends, using excuses such as feeling uncomfortable or wanting to spend time alone with you. The truth is, he's aware that meeting your friends is a significant step in the relationship, and he doesn't want to face their judgment if he decides to slow things down.

7. "I'm not usually like this, but I can see a future with you"

When a guy tells you he's a player, it's usually just a ploy to get you to fall for him. Real players never admit to being players. You may believe that you can change him, but you won't be able to. Expect the relationship to end in about a month when he remembers that he's not interested in committing to anyone.

8. "Maybe I'm just a failure"

Some guys like to keep women around who can boost their ego. They may tell you about their failures in love, job, or commitment, expecting you to uplift and support them. While it may feel like you're making a positive impact, be aware that he may use these same lines to end things with you later on. When someone shows you who they are, believe them.

9. "I don't believe in labels"

If a guy tells you he hates labels, it usually means he wants to sleep around with multiple people without any commitment. Don't expect him to suddenly fall in love with you and change his ways. Real life isn't like the movies, and his aversion to labels likely indicates a lack of interest in commitment.

10. "Why are you talking to him? He's a jerk"

A guy who's all about his ego will quickly try to block you from anyone who could offer you a fulfilling relationship. He may not want you himself, but he'll pretend to in order to scare off any potential competition. It's important to remember that this guy is not looking out for your happiness; he's only concerned with boosting his own ego.