10 Things Guys Do When We're Just Not Into You

Many women have experienced the disappointment of feeling a strong connection with a man, only to be told that the relationship isn't working out. It's not uncommon for men to struggle with expressing their emotions or lack thereof, but there are ways to avoid being caught off guard by recognizing the warning signs early on. If a man is exhibiting any of these behaviors, it's best for women to move on.

1. We Only Text You Late At Night

This isn't a late-night Friday date invite or a friendly check-in to express how much we enjoy your company. It's a request for casual sex. If we only reach out to you during the early morning hours, we're solely interested in the physical aspect of the relationship. Unless you're also seeking a hookup, it's best not to respond.

2. We Don't Make An Effort To Get To Know Your Friends

To be honest, if we're only in a casual sexual relationship, we won't bother keeping in touch with your friends, and we may eventually lose interest. This is especially true if our separation is messy. We'll only make an effort to impress your girlfriends if we intend to be with you for a significant amount of time.

3. We're Always "too Busy" To Make Time For You

When we tell you that we have to work late or have other plans, we're not necessarily being dishonest. It's simply that our relationship with you isn't a top priority. If you're seeking something beyond a casual fling or friendship, investing your time and energy in us may not be worthwhile.

4. We're Utterly Unperturbed By Your Presence

Even James Bond can get a little flustered when he sees his love interest. If we come across as too smooth, confident, and relaxed, it may not be a good sign. It could mean that you're not having a significant impact on us. This doesn't necessarily mean we don't like you, but it's unlikely that we'll fall head over heels for you anytime soon.

5. We Don't Seem To Make Any Effort To Clean Our Place Up Before You Get There

We're aware that we can be a bit messy at times. We may leave our hair in the sink after shaving or have wrinkled sheets even though they're supposed to stay in place. However, if we genuinely have feelings for a woman, we'll make an attempt to clean up our living space to meet her standards. If you happen to find pee on the toilet seat, it's probably an indication that we're only interested in a friendship or a casual sexual relationship.

6. We Tell You About Our Other Love Interests

Men can be possessive when it comes to new relationships, so if we're interested in someone, we'll try to avoid mentioning other women, dates from Tinder, or the attractive barista at the coffee shop. If we start sharing stories about past romantic experiences, it's likely that we've mentally transitioned our relationship into something beyond romantic. This doesn't necessarily imply that we don't like you anymore; we've simply lost interest in pursuing a romantic relationship with you.

7. We Treat You Like We Treat The Rest Of Our Friends

If you sense that we don't treat you differently from our other friends, it's likely because we don't. One of the clearest indications that we're not interested in pursuing a romantic relationship with you (instead of communicating directly) is by treating you the same way we treat our other friends and assuming that you'll understand the message. It's not the best way to handle the situation, but if we treat you the same way we treat our cousin Sarah, it's a strong indication that our feelings for you aren't romantic.

8. We Never Initiate Contact

If you find yourself constantly reaching out or feeling anxious when we don't, it's likely that we're not interested in pursuing a romantic relationship with you. If we were genuinely interested, we wouldn't leave you hanging and would make an effort to communicate with you regularly.

9. We Have An Awkward Amount Of Respect For Your Personal Space

When we're not interested in pursuing a romantic relationship with a woman and see her more as a friend or hookup, we'll be mindful of our personal space and try to maintain a comfortable distance. We'll avoid any unintentional physical contact, such as accidentally brushing our arms against each other while watching a movie. If you can sense that we're actively trying not to touch you, it's a clear sign that we're not the right guy for you.

10. We Tell You We're Not That Into You

Don't try to fix us, it's not an invitation for that. You have better things to do than to convince us to fall in love with you. It's not worth the effort and it will only lead to mutual unhappiness. It's better to move on, be awesome, and wait for someone who genuinely wants to be with you to come along.