10 Things Every Woman Should Know About Going Down On Him

10 Things Every Woman Should Know About Going Down On Him

It's hard to know what to do if you're new to oral sex. Particularly if you're in a heterosexual relationship and don't have a lot of experience when it comes to a set of genitals that differs from your own. Never fear, girlfriend, we've got you covered! Here are ten things to keep in mind when you're going down on him.

1) The Wetter the Better

Don't stress if your saliva glands go a bit out of control. In fact, it's far better to have too much saliva than not enough. When it comes to performing and receiving oral sex, everything feels a lot smoother with a bit of extra saliva to help things along.

2) Every Guy is Different


The thing about oral sex is that it's different for every person experiencing it. This means you need to get to know what your man likes - there's no one-size-fits-all formula. Don't take offense if what worked for the last guy doesn't work for this one. It takes time to figure each other out.

3) Use Your Hands

When you use your hands, you can provide exciting sensations and make it feel as though the entire thing is in your mouth if you can't manage to get it all in there. You can use your hands to touch other parts of the body too - whatever feels good to him is a winning strategy in our books.

4) Tease Him First


Teasing has the power to build up some fantastic tension, so rather than going straight to the jackpot, work your way down his body, kiss his inner thigh, and make him wait.

5) It's Okay to Lick Too

After a while, your jaw can get tired, but there's no reason to push through the cramp and endure the pain. Switch things up by licking him for a while - keep in mind that the tip is the most sensitive part so try different motions and flicks in that area before moving back to the shaft.

6) Suction is Your Friend


Gentle suction (the keyword being gentle here) provides a tighter fit within your mouth and provides more lip-cheek-tongue contact. Be careful not to suck too hard, or it could cause some pain.

7) Don't Ignore the Balls

There are all kinds of things you can do to give his balls the attention they crave. Try licking them, sucking on them, stroking them, or cupping them in your hand and massaging them while you go down on him.

8) Take It Easy When He Finishes


Things down there get a lot more sensitive during and after climax. Don't back away entirely, but reduce your intensity, so things don't feel uncomfortable for him.

9) Only Swallow if You Want To

It's your right to decide whether or not you would like to swallow when he finishes. A lot of guys prefer when a woman swallows as opposed to spitting, but it's your decision, and you should never do anything you're uncomfortable with.

10) Relax

Have fun with it. It's a great way to make your guy feel good, and if you're relaxed and not too stressed about the process, you may be able to let loose and really enjoy it. It will help you feel closer to your partner, and hey, when you're done, he can return the favor.