10 Things About People With 'High-Functioning' Depression

10 Things About People With ‘high-functioning’ Depression

You will not see or notice dysthymia, otherwise called high-functioning depression, very easily. People with this problem don't carry around the classic symptoms of depression.

They work hard, they are high-functioning, and by all signs and appearances, they are completely fine. They know how to make it seem like they have it all together because they will not appear withdrawn. Instead, they will attend school, work and their performance will be as good as you would expect. However, deep down, they are in shambles.

In addition to the fact that other people might not notice this problem, they themselves might not seek help, as they often believe they are going through a rough time that will easily go away.

However, that is not what happens. At the end of the day, depression is depression, regardless of whether it is the high-functioning sort. It is only that high-functioning depression seems less serious as it does not seem to affect a person's daily activities.

Nevertheless, the common symptoms of depression are still evident in these individuals, and these include low self-esteem, weight loss, headache, self-pity, insomnia, and even low attention span.

Many people actually think that this form of depression should be taken more seriously as it is less evident, which can make it harder to deal with. Left unattended, the effects of this depression can be compounded to the point where a person suffers a major breakdown.

Here are some things you need to keep in mind as far as people's high-functioning depression goes.

1. They worry too much

When someone is in a high-functioning depressive state, they will often stress over everything. Whether it be a minor physical or mental task, it seems to be such a huge concern for them.

2. They may deal with insomnia

Any form of depression is bound to affect someone's sleep patterns, even among people dealing with high-functioning depression.

3. They are as strong as they seem

People with high-functioning depression can seem like they are pretending to be strong to hide their unfortunate situations. However, they really are strong, regardless of the problems affecting them.

4. They might not know what's wrong with them

Even to them, the sort of depression they suffer remains a mystery. This also adds to the reason they do not seek any assistance.

5. They can be cranky sometimes

Although these people can be nice and cordial most of the time, they can also get cranky.

6. They put up a front

When someone is in a depressive state, even when it's hidden behind a normal life, the person will often appear to be making an effort to seem "perfectly fine."

7. They use every bit of energy to hold it together

Individuals with high-functioning depression put a lot of effort into appearing like they don't have a problem. While this facade can hold up, these people are usually exhausted by all the effort it takes to achieve this.

8. They find it easier to help others instead of themselves

Although they need a lot of help, these people prefer to channel their energy into helping others. They even find it exciting that they can make someone's life better.

9. They are engaged in an internal battle

Although they want to be fine, these people are struggling to make this a reality, but the depression keeps getting in the way. It seems like they are having an eternal internal struggle.

10. They have a tough time asking for help

These people want the world to know that they are strong. Letting someone in so that they can get help to pass through whatever is facing them can be a huge challenge. They find it easier to keep everything bottled up.

While high-functioning depression is not clinically defined, it is as serious as any other form of depression. All depressed people should get help since this condition can take the joy out of life and void it of any meaning.