10 Things About A 6-Month Relationship To Tell You Whether It Will Last, And 10 Things That Say It Won't

10 Things About A 6-month Relationship To Tell You Whether It Will Last, And 10 Things That Say It Won’t

As a relationship begins, the first six months can say a lot as to its future. You find out just how good you are as a couple during this time. The relationship can be fun during this period, but the relationship can also end because it's not working out.

But how do you know if it will work or not when you have known each other for only six months? Here are 10 signs that it will work out and 10 signs that it will not.

1. Will Work: You Agree On Major Relationship Milestones

For a relationship to have a future, couples need to agree on some significant relationship issues. So, you have to decide on when to make the relationship more committed, move in together, visit the families, or tie the knot. This is one of the most powerful signs that your relationship will last forever.

2. Won't Work: You're Pressuring Him About Marriage Or Kids

This proves that the man does not want to settle down with you. Such pressure creates tension. And six months might not be enough time to expect answers on such issues anyway. Therefore, if you are not sure about whether he wants the relationship to get that far, you can hold off until a more appropriate time to avoid jeopardizing an otherwise great relationship.

3. Will Work: You Spend A Lot Of Time Together

When in a healthy relationship, you won't act as you did when single and spend all your time alone or with friends. When you spend most of your time together, it's a great sign that your relationship is going well. This is a good sign for a relationship as it proves that you won't have a problem being together for long periods of time.

4. Won't Work: You Are Yet To Meet Each Other's Friends And Family

Obviously, there is no rule on when you have to meet your partner's family. However, before six months are over, you should have met the family and friends from both sides. Otherwise, this will turn into an issue in your relationship. It usually shows that you are not so sure about having a serious and lasting relationship with your partner.

5. Will Work: You Still Have Your Friends And Things You Love

Many girls forget everything else they ever loved about their lives after getting a boyfriend, including their friends and hobbies. But that means you have changed, which is not a good sign for your relationship. You can have a great boyfriend and still enjoy the things and people who made your life amazing before meeting him.

6. Won't Work: After The Honeymoon Phase, You Fight A Lot

Although not all people can confess to experiencing the honeymoon phase, many people know what it's like to fight with their significant other. Honestly, all relationships suffer from conflict from time to time. However, if it is happening too often, that's a bad sign for your future together.

7. Will Work: You Talk About Moving In Together, Or Have Already Done It

Couples don't have to move in within six months. However, even if it will happen two years after the relationship starts, this should be clear from very early on.

8. Won't Work: You Mention Him Only Around Friends

Your relationship with your boyfriend should be separate from the relationships you have with your friends. Talking about your boyfriend too much when around your friends shows you are insecure about your relationship, which is not a good thing.

9. Will Work: You Stood By Each Other During Tough Times

A good relationship does not save you from the bad times, but it should make these times easier. During these struggles, partners who intend to go the distance will stand by each other.

10. Won't Work: You Never Want To See Each Other With Other People

Although relationships are great, and you might want to spend all your time together, you should have other relationships as well. If you are forced to ignore your friends, so you don't offend your partner, then that is a bad sign for your relationship.

11. Will Work: You Are Seen As Part Of Each Other's Family

If his family knows about you and sees you as part of them, and the same goes for him, then that shows your relationship has a future.

12. Won't Work: He Won't Say You Are His Girlfriend

When a guy calls you his girlfriend, it is a huge relationship milestone. After six months together, he should not have a problem with this. But if he is still hesitant, it means there is a big reason he doesn't see you as a long-term partner.

13. Will Work: He Takes You Wherever He Goes

We get into relationships with people we are proud of and want to have by our side wherever we go. So, when your boyfriend wants to take you wherever he goes or gets invited, it's a good sign he is serious about you and your future together.

14. Won't Work: He Claims Moving In With Anyone Is Not Something He Ever Does

The blanket claim that your boyfriend never moves in with anybody can hurt. After six months, this shows he is not willing to commit to you. Otherwise, a guy who wants you over the long haul would make an exception for you.

15. Will Work: He Is As Sweet As He Ever Was When You Started

If after six months, even though you are going steady, he seems to go out of his way to impress you, then he's a keeper. He is also still very nice to your friends and parents and respects you just as he did. It means you have a guy who treasures and respects you.

16. Won't Work: You Are Still Wondering If He's Serious About You

While there cannot be a time frame on when a guy should propose to you, six months should be enough time to know whether or not he will do it. After all these months together, he should be committed to you.

17. Will Work: You Both Feel Like You Have Never Been So Happy Before

If you feel very happy since you have been together, and this is something he can relate to, then it means you have finally found a man worth keeping.

18. Won't Work: One Of You Still Thinks Of The Ex

After a six-month relationship, you should no longer reminisce on the people you previously dated. Your focus should be on each other. If any of your exes is still a big issue for any of you, then there is a big problem. Therefore, the relationship might not last very long. At this point, neither of you should be hung up on your ex.

19. Will Work: You've Had A Trip Together

It does not matter how much either of you likes to travel. However, you should have at least traveled together to see how you will get along when you visit places together once the relationship gets really serious.

20. Won't Work; You Feel Like You Settled

If you feel like you have settled even after six months together, there is a problem with the guy you are dating. Being with someone for six months should assure you that you made the right choice.

Did you know that some of these things can predict how long a relationship will last? So, be careful and avoid any issues on this list that can undermine the quality of your relationship. Also, don't just focus on how long a relationship will last, also try to find out if you are in a good relationship or not.