10 Things A Guy Does During Love-Making That Make You Want To Do It Again


The presence or absence of chemistry in the bedroom can significantly impact a relationship's success. While prior experience may contribute to one's intimacy skills, there are behavioral factors that play a crucial role in making someone good at intimacy and creating a desire to engage in sexual activity with them again.

1. He's passionate about you, not just about making love

When a man is genuinely passionate about you, rather than solely being enthusiastic about sexual activity, it's evident, and it elevates the quality of lovemaking. When you reciprocate these feelings, the resulting energy leads to an extraordinary experience.

2. He's giving, not selfish

Men who strive to satisfy their partners in bed are impressive. When he invests time and effort into ensuring your pleasure, you won't settle for hasty and unsatisfactory experiences again.

3. He doesn't pressure you to do anything you're uncomfortable with

Comfort and trust are vital in intimacy; thus, it becomes challenging to enjoy it when your partner pushes you beyond your limits. There's a fine line between comfortable experimentation and being coerced into unfamiliar and frightening territory. A great lover will respect your boundaries and prioritize building and maintaining your trust.

4. He can be dominant or submissive, depending on your mood

Being with an adaptable man is ideal. He should be able to adjust to your needs, whether you're in the mood to take control or be submissive, even if it involves rolling with the punches, both figuratively and literally, if that's what you're into.

5. He's a master of foreplay

A genuinely skilled lover will arouse you before even touching you, bringing you close to (if not completely reaching) ecstasy. Since most women don't orgasm solely from penetration, he should prioritize pleasing you and be mindful of your pleasure.

6. He kisses you in bed

Kissing should not be limited to the beginning of a sexual encounter; it enhances the connection and mood throughout the experience. A skilled lover understands this and will continue kissing you to elevate the experience and strengthen the bond because he genuinely wants to.

7. He communicates with you clearly before, during, and after

Communication is crucial in intimacy as both partners need to be on the same page regarding their preferences. The most skilled lovers possess excellent communication skills, seeking to understand what pleases you, striving to achieve maximum satisfaction, and willingly making adjustments to enhance the experience.

8. He likes it fast or slow

We are aware that being with a partner who is consistently in "jackhammer mode" is neither attractive nor satisfying, yet some men remain unaware. This is a formal announcement to men everywhere: slow lovemaking is also pleasurable.

9. Nice guys finish last

It's logical for him to prioritize your pleasure and ensure you reach climax before he does, whenever possible. After all, he'll need some time to recover after he finishes, whereas you may still be trying to achieve orgasm.

10. Nice guys cuddle too

Cuddling is universally appreciated, particularly after reaching orgasm. The ideal partner is one who not only enjoys cuddling but also seeks to make the entire experience complete.