10 Things A Guy Does After You Sleep With Him For The First Time That Tell You He's A Keeper

Having a first-time hookup with someone can be both thrilling and intimidating because it alters your relationship irreversibly. If your initial intention was to have a casual encounter, but you feel that there may be genuine potential for a more meaningful relationship, there are several ways to determine this after your first night together.

1. He Gets You A Fresh Toothbrush

It's possible that you may have forgotten to pack a toothbrush for your overnight stay at his place. This is a common occurrence, even when the visit is pre-planned and scheduled. However, the guy you're with has got you covered. This indicates that he wants you to feel comfortable and considers you to be a special person. If he didn't see you in this way, he wouldn't make an effort to ensure that you have all the necessary amenities.

2. He Doesn't Rush You Out The Door

Even if he has work in the morning, he doesn't rush to get ready and push you out to go about his day because he understands that it would send the wrong message. He'd rather be a few minutes late and deal with the consequences than make you feel like you're an inconvenience. If he's someone worth keeping, the two of you will have the opportunity to fine-tune your scheduling later on.

3. He Asks You How You Slept

Sleeping in a new bed can be nerve-wracking, especially if you plan to spend a few nights a week there. He may have overlooked changing the sheets or providing you with the number of pillows you're accustomed to, but he's probably hoping that you were still comfortable and didn't feel too exhausted or overwhelmed by the extended stay.

4. He's More Interested In Asking About The Days Ahead Than What Happened Last Night

Believe me, he's still reflecting on last night. However, by redirecting the conversation away from the physical aspect of your time together, he's demonstrating a desire to spend time with you as a whole person, rather than just for sex. In doing so, he's indicating that the connection you have is meaningful beyond the physical, and if that connection were lacking, he probably wouldn't be interested in planning activities with you for the following weekend.

5. He Thinks Up A Breakfast Plan

It's a well-known fact that breakfast is the best part of the day, and he understands this too. He wouldn't even consider letting you leave without suggesting an option to grab some food. Even if the idea seems impractical, the fact that he's offering a plan, whether it's stopping by McDonald's or making scrambled eggs himself in the kitchen, shows that he's genuinely invested in making this overnight date memorable for you.

6. He Asks You More About Yourself After You've Had Sex

If he appears engaged and interested before engaging in physical intimacy but then seems dismissive afterward, it's possible that he used you for sex. However, if he expresses a desire to learn more about your family and friends following the experience, it suggests that he's a decent guy who sees you as more than just a hookup. If you're interested in him, this could be an opportune moment to ask him any questions you may have about him.

7. He Doesn't Immediately Fall Asleep Right After Sex

Indeed, it can be tiring, particularly if the encounter took place late at night. If he doesn't even attempt to make small talk or smile, it can create an uncomfortable atmosphere. However, if he stays up with you for a little while, ensures that you have everything you require (such as a phone charger and a bottle of water by your bed) before eventually falling asleep, it's a fantastic indication.

8. He Makes Sure You Were Comfortable With Everything That Went On

Having sex with a new partner can be an unusual experience, especially the first time. However, this guy not only respected your boundaries but also ensured that everything was alright after the fact. Sometimes people can become caught up in the moment, but the fact that he verified both before and after to ensure that you were on the same page is a gesture that any genuine gentleman would make. Additionally, this demonstrates that he values communication, which is essential for a healthy and long-lasting relationship.

9. He Doesn't Body-shame Himself Or You

If he resorts to body-shaming you, he should be out of your life. I mean, who does this guy think he is? However, if he body-shames himself, that's another level of discomfort. He has the right to feel a little insecure about himself, but having sex with you should have boosted his self-esteem. The first time you sleep together isn't the best time for him to reveal his low self-esteem. If he does, it may make you question whether every future sexual encounter will end with you feeling like you're his therapist.

10. He Doesn't Treat You Like A Number

Everyone has a number, but in the grand scheme of things, it's not important. If you ever feel like you're just another name on his "to-do" list, it's best to avoid a second date. The same applies if he mentions other women he's been with or compares you to them. However, if he focuses on you and seems authentic, he could be a great match.