10 Texts To Make Him Call You (Get Him On The Phone ASAP)

Texting is a popular form of communication due to its ease and efficiency. It provides a quick and convenient way to convey messages, eliminating the need for lengthy and uncomfortable phone conversations.

However, there are moments when speaking to someone directly is preferred. The sound of a person's voice can be enjoyable, especially when it belongs to someone in who we are romantically interested. We are confident that you share this sentiment.

However, what if he is heavily reliant on texting as a means of communication? Is there a method for encouraging him to break away from texting and instead, call you?

The solution is affirmative! We have compiled a list of 10 text messages that will prompt him to call you, thereby implying that you would like to have a phone conversation.

Why Get Him To Call You?

As previously mentioned, texting is convenient and requires minimal effort. It is much simpler to send a flirtatious text message than to make a phone call that may not go as expected.

If you are feeling anxious, it may be particularly challenging to have a phone conversation with him, despite your desire to do so. In such a scenario, is it imperative to call him, or is it possible to continue communicating through text messages only?

While we acknowledge the benefits of texting, we also acknowledge that a phone call can be much more personal. Through text messages, it can be difficult to accurately gauge someone's tone and inflection, as you are only presented with written words on a screen.

However, when you are on the phone, you can perceive each pause, change in tone, and fluctuation in the person's voice. You can hear him laugh in response to your jokes, stammer when he is flustered, or sense the smile in his voice when he is happy. Similarly, he can also detect these nuances in your voice.

This is why we believe that phone calls can be so impactful. In a world where everyone communicates with multiple individuals through texting, having a voice to associate with your name and image can make you stand out. A brief and effortless phone call could be ideal for differentiating you from others, particularly during the initial stages of a relationship.

Texts To Make Him Call You

Here are ten different text messages you can send to encourage him to call you. Each message adopts a unique approach, ranging from bold and sultry to subtle and gentle. After each text message, we will provide suggestions on the appropriate scenarios to utilize it.

Keep in mind that you can adjust any text message to align with his interests. If none of the texts feel like a suitable fit, even after customization, we recommend checking out the Text Chemistry course for additional ideas. This course has been written by a relationship expert and is filled with a multitude of texts and suggestions for your use.

1. "Something incredibly humorous just occurred to me. Kindly give me a call when you're free so I can share the story with you."

No one enjoys being left in a state of uncertainty indefinitely! This text message is ideal for maintaining his intrigue and making him eager to know the conclusion of the story. Remember to have a tale ready to share, as you may find yourself struggling to come up with one on the call.

2. "I would greatly appreciate it if you could give me a call."

At times, honesty is the best policy. Send this text message to him if you're unsure of what else to say and you simply wish to have him on the phone. If you're aiming to secure a date, you can also take a look at our list of texts to make him ask you out.

3. "Do you know what I yearn for? The sound of your alluring/charming voice."

A compliment can go far. Sending him this text will let him know that he should call you soon so he can charm you with the sound of his voice. The adjective you choose will set the tone - opt for "sexy voice" if you want to evoke a naughty vibe, or use words like "adorable" or "gorgeous" if you want to keep things on the gentler side for now.

4. "A phone call with you would really lift my spirits."

People in general, including men, enjoy feeling like they can save the day. Give him the option of feeling like a hero by telling him how happy he could make you with a single phone call. This one will have him rushing to sweep you off your feet.

5. "How about we spice things up with a phone call and explore the possibility of phone sex?"

If you want to add some spice to your relationship, this text will do the trick. It opens the door for a steamy phone conversation, making him eager to hear your voice and take the conversation to the next level. For more inspiration, you can also consult this guide on daring things to say to a guy over text.

6. "Could you give me a call and elaborate on that over the phone?"

Hey, some things are too complicated for texts. If he texted something too confusing, use the confusion to your advantage and ask him to explain it over a phone call from him.

7. "I hope to hear your voice before I fall asleep tonight."

Suggesting that you want his voice to be the last thing you hear before you go to sleep is a gentle and endearing way to ask for a phone call. It will make him feel special and he'll be eager to fulfill your request.

8. "I have a surprise for you, care to give me a call when you have a moment to chat?"

This text is similar to the first message on the list, but it has an added element of excitement. Instead of hearing a funny story, there is the tantalizing possibility of receiving a gift. This message is so intriguing that he won't be able to resist the urge to call you.

9. "I'm hoping to whip up your famous chili dish later. Can you give me a quick call so you can guide me through the recipe?"

Men often enjoy feeling like they are knowledgeable on a particular subject. By asking him for help on something you know he's passionate about, like cooking, technology or cars, you are giving him the opportunity to showcase his expertise and feel like a hero by coming to your aid. This is sure to grab his attention and make him want to call you.

10. "I just heard this amazing joke, but it works best if I tell it out loud. Can we talk on the phone quick?"

Humor is a great way to create a strong connection with someone. By sharing a funny joke with your guy, you'll keep him engaged and eager to hear more from you. This text is a great way to start a fun and lighthearted conversation, and it's sure to put a smile on his face.

When All Else Fais... Call Him Yourself!

Sometimes it can be challenging for people to grasp the meaning of our messages, especially when they're feeling overwhelmed or distracted. If your guy has had a hectic day or is preoccupied, sending him a straightforward text may not get the desired response of a phone call.

When you find yourself at a loss for words, don't like the appearance of your messages, or he is missing your hints, there is another solution for you. Take the initiative and call him. Sometimes it's good to be brave. It's not always the case that men enjoy feeling the pressure to initiate contact.

If you decide to make a call, be considerate and call at a time when he is available to talk. Avoid repeatedly calling him when you are aware he is busy at work or spending time with friends.

Additionally, be mindful of his schedule when calling. Most individuals don't enjoy lengthy phone conversations. If possible, keep the conversation brief and to the point. This can make you more intriguing as a scarce and desirable figure, making him more eager to pursue you.

How To Get Him Wrapped Around Your Finger

In today's world, where texting has become the primary mode of communication, it can be challenging to effectively convey your thoughts. The ease of sending a message increases the risk of miscommunication and potentially causing a loss of interest from the other person.

While texting may seem convenient, it also presents many challenges. You can overcome these obstacles by utilizing proven methods, such as those found in the Text Chemistry program. This program was developed by a seasoned relationship coach who possesses extensive knowledge and expertise, and will teach you the skills you need to succeed.

By utilizing the strategies taught in the program, you can captivate any guy and have him under your control through simple text messages.