10 Texting Rules To Keep Him Interested In You, According To A Guy

Texting plays a significant role in courtship and getting to know someone, but it can be challenging to keep a guy's interest via text before becoming a couple. Men tend to have shorter attention spans, so it's crucial to follow some tips to maintain his interest through texting.

1. Stay Positive

If you're not in a serious relationship, avoid using a guy to vent about your bad day, as no one wants to text with someone who brings them down. Remember to keep your messages light and positive when trying to capture a guy's attention. Texting is supposed to be fun, so ensure that your texts remain upbeat.

2. Have A Purpose

Guys typically use text messaging for practical reasons, unlike women. Therefore, when you text a guy, ensure there is a purpose behind it. Avoid sending meaningless messages like "Hi" or "What's up," expecting him to carry the conversation. Even if he's interested in you, no guy wants to deal with that. Instead, ask him a specific question, plan an activity, or share a witty anecdote that will catch his interest and motivate him to engage in a lively texting exchange with you.

3. Keep Emojis To A Minimum

Although emojis can be amusing, they should be used sparingly. Most men prefer text conversations without an abundance of emojis, particularly the ones that require decoding. Even if you want to encourage a man to use emojis, limit your use of them until you are certain he likes them.

4. Spell It Out

Most men are not skilled in texting. Using abbreviations can easily perplex them and cause them to lose interest. Also, since we are no longer teenagers, using shorthand is not as charming. Use complete words and punctuation. Although it may seem insignificant, men can quickly lose interest if they have to decipher your texts.

5. Be Quick And Casual

This is the preferred texting style for most men. They do not want to get too serious and do not want to spend hours texting each day. If you want to have a lengthy conversation with a man, call him on the phone or wait for your next date. Men do not want to have deep, serious discussions via text. If you are unsure whether you are texting him correctly, ask yourself if your texting is brief and informal.

6. Ask Unique Questions

To keep a guy engaged and interested in your texting, avoid asking the same old questions he's probably heard from countless other women over the years. Remember, the point of these early chats is to get to know each other. Ask fun and interesting questions that will get him thinking and make you stand out from the crowd of other women who have texted him before.

7. Take A Break

If you're not yet an official couple, you don't need to feel obligated to text every day, or spend hours texting on the days you do communicate. It's okay to take little breaks in between to make him miss you a bit. Constantly texting a guy can be a turn-off, just as not texting him at all. So, make sure you give him space and take small breaks to keep the relationship balanced.

8. Let Him Initiate (Sometimes)

It's important to note that guys don't like texting that much, so you'll probably have to initiate most of the time. However, don't hesitate to encourage him to start the conversation occasionally. When you wait for him to text you first, it gives him the impression that he's chasing you. This is also a good way to measure his interest in you based on how often he texts you first instead of waiting for you to initiate the conversation.

9. Send A Few Picks

While I am not suggesting that you send a guy whom you are not very familiar with racy pictures, sharing a photo of yourself every once in a while can help sustain his attention. Since you may not be meeting him regularly, reminding him of your appearance and stunning looks can arouse his curiosity and ensure he continues to text and plan to meet you.

10. Tease (A Little)

Do not hesitate to add a little flirtatious or seductive touch to your text messages. Of course, you don't have to do it all the time, but some playful teasing every now and then can work wonders in keeping a guy intrigued. By being flirty in your texts, you can convey that you like him more than just a friend, which will make him enthusiastic to ask you out and progress the relationship beyond mere texting.