10 Telltale Warning Signs Someone Is Jealous Of You

We have all met with the monster called jealousy from time to time. This is usually with regard to people we have an emotional connection to, such as romantic partners. At other times, jealousy is directed towards people who appear prettier or richer.

Jealousy manifests itself in the form of insecurity, envy, endless worries, and even fear. But nobody likes being labeled as jealous. Therefore, people can do a pretty good job of concealing this emotion, but with the signs below, you can tell that there is more to that insincere comment you are getting about your hairstyle.

1. They Like To Copy

Although there is a saying that imitation is the best form of flattery, sometimes it is done in bad faith. A jealous person may copy everything about you, including your walking style and the way you talk. At first, it might seem flattering, but later, you begin to find it distasteful, as you rightly should.

2. They Are Boastful

Jealous people like to brag when they achieve anything. They want the whole world to know that they did it, even when it involves comparing themselves to others.

3. They Are Anxious In Their Desire To Compete

When someone is jealous, they will often have a strong desire to prove they are superior or just as capable as everyone else. That makes them needlessly competitive, even over things that most people wouldn't be bothered with. Some forms of competition are justifiable as they are driven by genuine ambition, but at other times, this competition is fueled by nothing but jealousy.

4. They Celebrate Your Failures

If the bad things you go through make a person happy, that is a very good sign that they have been jealous of you all along. Obviously, you should avoid anyone who finds joy in your fall because that person might not be above causing those failures themselves.

5. False Compliments

When the jealous person gives you a compliment, it might seem genuine. However, when you are away from them, they will gossip about you and spread lies. So, when you find out from friends that the person who has been saying nice things to your face has also been saying bad things about you behind your back, know that the person is jealous.

6. They Like To Spread Dirt On You

Gossipers have the highest levels of anxiety, studies have shown. These people are also aggressive and incredibly unhappy. Gossiping makes them feel better as it helps them ruin the reputation of those they might consider better than them in some ways.

7. They Like To Cross Their Legs

Crossing legs can be a sign of insecurity or uneasiness, but it can also signify jealousy. It is very telling when a friend crosses the legs whenever you tell them something that shows how accomplished you are in some way or another.

8. They Easily Become Hateful

If you find that someone hates you for no apparent reason, then that might stem from jealousy. Their mere presence could make you feel uncomfortable. And even without showing aggression, this person might have a bad attitude around you or show you they dislike you in some way or another.

9. They Attempt To Belittle Your Accomplishments

Because a jealous person will feel very insecure about being more successful than they are, this person will make your success look smaller. They want others to see that you have not achieved much or that what you did was easy.

10. They Like To Ruin Your Plans

A jealous person will often seem happy when giving you the bad news that will change your plans. Sometimes, the information might be false, but the intended malice will be very clear. For instance, when you tell them that you are trying to get to an event within the town, they might tell you that there is too much traffic to accomplish that, even though there might be nothing of the sort.