10 Surprising Self Care Tips To Try This Summer
10 Self Care Tips To Try This Summer

There are hundreds, thousands of articles about self-care tips out there. The problem is most of them contain the same information, over and over again. Well, search no more – here to help inspire you are some original ideas for ten surprising self-care tips to try this summer.

1. Get Yourself Flowers

Summer Flowers For Wellbeing

Yes, we did say get yourself some summer flowers. You don’t have to buy them – you could pick them yourself (but please don’t pick from other people’s gardens!). If picking isn’t for you, buy yourself a bunch – they don’t have to be grand – unless you want them to be! Flowers brighten even the heaviest of hearts with a wellbeing boost and is a perfect start to our tips to feel great this summer.

2. Visit A Thrift Store

Thrift Store Curiosities

Lose yourself to unexpected treasures and visit a thrift store. Quirky and sometimes a little bit mysterious, these stores can be a trove of unique pieces far from the mainstream. From jewelry and books to furniture and art, you can pick something original to cheer yourself up – you never know what you might find! The store owner may be able to offer you tips that could suit the style of your home if you ask for advice.

3. Ask Someone How They Are – Then Listen

Have a conversation and listen

It’s incredible what a great conversation can do. Even better is what happens when you consciously listen: you get to pick up on things you’ve never noticed before, notice ways you can help others. Your friend will appreciate it, which will make you feel good (and earn friend credits!). You could even get out into the sunshine on a sunshine stroll to walk and talk at the same time – you could even share your new self-care tips.

4. Write 10 Words To Describe Your Day

Describe your day

Journals are everywhere right now. They’re a brilliant way to build memories, but sometimes it’s just too much; they can take an age to fill in, and some days the inspiration just isn’t there. A much simpler and more manageable approach is just to write ten words about your day before you go to bed.

You’ll still have something to look back on, and it’ll be much easier to spot themes and trends going in your life that you may not have noticed. There are no right or wrong answers, and you can always write a suggestion, tips or a little more detail on any of the words if you want to.

5. Make A Succulent Box

10 Self Care Tips To Try This Summer

Succulents are super easy to look after and are heaps of fun to create. Plants are essential for our wellbeing, and succulents are happy to grow almost anywhere as long as they have soil and water. Grab a box (from the thrift store, maybe?), pick up some succulents from the garden store or online, and make a succulent box of your own.

6. Feel The Summer Breeze

Feel The Summer Breeze

Open the windows wide and feel the breeze!! Relax with the best of the great outdoors and the comforts of home at the same time. What better way to clear out the cobwebs than to be curled up on a gorgeous summer’s day with a book while enjoying the fresh air? You could take a trip in the car and wind down all the windows – with your favorite music on and the wind in your hair, you’ll forget any troubles in no time.

7. Crisp Clean Sheets

10 Self Care Tips To Try This Summer

Everyone loves slipping into crisp, clean sheets. Soft and serene, clean, and fresh, it’s one of life’s little luxuries (and our favorite of the care tips!). Sprinkle with a little of your favorite essential oil, breathe in the serenity and huddle up to hibernate, or stretch out luxuriously and enjoy some you time. You’ve earned it.

8. Find A Surprising New Movie

10 Self Care Tips To Try This Summer

Looks up some reviews and find a new movie out of your usual zone with high ratings – or if you’re feeling a bit low, give comedy a try. Forget the world for a couple of hours and settle down for an evening of entertainment. It may be surprising how much you enjoy a step away from the norm. Popcorn is optional but oh so good!

9. Paint Something And Get Creative

10 Self Care Tips To Try This Summer

Paint something – anything from a canvas to a flowerpot to the kitchen door, it doesn’t matter what. Painting is therapeutic and leaves you with a real sense of achievement; you could even gift your creation to help you feel great this summer.

10. Listen To A Podcast For Relaxation

10 Self Care Tips To Try This Summer

Listen to a podcast: the topics are endless, many of them are free, and you may find a new interest. Pop your headphones on and kick back – you could listen to anything you like: maybe a meditation session? Perhaps a history of your favorite kind of music, or a real-life autobiography. The choice is yours to discover.

Any More Ideas?

Of course – check out this article for 7 Steps To Keep Your Positivity in a Negative World. Together with these self-care tips to feel great this summer, you’ll be feeling happy and healthy all the way into Autumn!