10 Subtle Signs You're A Terrible Kisser

It's not always easy to be a good kisser, and if you're concerned that you're not very good at it, there may be some signs that you're right. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to improve your kissing skills, and we'll explore those in this article.

1. You Avoid Kissing During Sex

For most couples, kissing is an important part of sex. However, if you or your partner is deliberately avoiding it, something is probably wrong. This may be a sign that one of you is a bad kisser. In this article, we'll discuss some common signs of bad kissing and what you can do to improve.

2. You Have Bad Breath

Bad breath can be a major turn-off, and it's not something you want to experience when you're kissing someone. Luckily, bad breath is usually easily fixable with breath mints or by brushing your teeth. In this article, we'll explore some of the common causes of bad breath and what you can do to combat it.

3. You're Not Sure How To Tilt Your Head

If you're worrying about how to tilt your head while kissing, you're overthinking it. Kissing should be natural and instinctive, like laughing at a joke. It's a response to another person, not a mechanical process with instructions. Just follow your partner's lead and let your instincts take over.

4. You Go Straight To Tongues

Kissing is like getting to know someone. You can't rush it; you need to take your time and let things develop naturally. Don't try to force things or be too aggressive. Just let the chemistry between you and your partner unfold at its own pace.

5. You Never Use Your Tongue

Closed-mouth kissing is like saying "thank you" when someone says "I love you" - it's a missed opportunity. If you're unsure about using your tongue, try opening your mouth a little and see where things go. Kissing is a collaborative effort, and you never know what might happen if you don't take a chance.

6. You Leave Your Arms At Your Sides

If you want to be a great kisser, avoid having awkward arms. Luckily, there are a few options available to you. You can put your hands on the other person's hips, wrap your arms around their neck, cradle the back of their head in your hand, or do whatever helps you feel more connected to the kiss. As long as you're not making your partner uncomfortable, you're on the right track.

7. You Drown Your Lips In Lip Gloss

The reason why you're kissing someone is to get closer to them. While glossy lips might seem like they'd make you even more kissable, it's not ideal to get a mouthful of cherry-flavored lip balm when you're trying to taste the other person. Lipstick and lip gloss can be great in moderation, but don't overdo it. Too much product can make you a suboptimal kisser.

8. You Keep Bumping Teeth With Your Partner

If you believe that bumping teeth is a normal part of kissing, think again. Although this issue might be caused by over-excitement, it's usually a sign that your physical communication is off. Try slowing down and focusing on your lips for a few seconds to adjust. As you become more engrossed in the kiss, everything will come more naturally to you.

9. You Get Nervous When You Can Tell The Other Person Is Moving In

When your partner makes their move, you need to be ready to kiss. You should be so ready that you feel like you'll die if they don't kiss you right away. If you're nervous, it's possible that you're not yet prepared to kiss that person. That's alright. Anxiety is a useful instinct, and it only makes you a terrible kisser if you disregard it. Listen to your intuition and don't kiss the person if it's making you uncomfortable.

10. It Doesn't Turn You On

Not all kisses need to lead to sex, but if you're making out, it should at the very least be arousing. Kissing should never feel like a burden or a formality. It should set you ablaze, or at the very least, spark a flame. If your experience doesn't sound like this, try using more of your body. Utilize your hands and arms, and pay attention to your partner's movements. If you're kissing someone you're genuinely attracted to, this will turn you on.