10 Subtle Signs A Guy Would Make A Good Father

Sadly, there's no way to predict the future, but there are some traits and behaviors that may help you with big life decisions. And one of them is knowing whether your partner will make a good father.

Some people are born to nurture and parent. Others, not so much. But, most of us, luckily, are willing to learn, so if your man doesn't know how to hold a baby now, it doesn't matter. What matters is his will to learn and to be part of a family.

Here are ten fantastic, yet subtle signs your guy would make a good father, sometime in the near future.

Let's start with a big one and then go through all the little things that will make your decision easier.

What makes a man a good dad?

10 subtle signs a guy would make a good father

A good parent is someone who is caring, has patience. Still, he also knows how to put boundaries and build trust with a child .it's not about listing specific characteristics; instead, it's about a mixture of components, and most of them are easy to learn.

A good dad is a present father, protector, but also capable of respecting your decisions and knows that co-parenting works only if the two of you share respect for each other.

How do you tell if a man will be a good father?

10 subtle signs a guy would make a good father

Now that we know what makes them let's see how to register all the subtle signs that your man might be a great dad. It's not an easy task since you're planning your future and the future of a baby.

That's why you need to keep your eyes wide open because a baby is a lifetime bond.

1. He values family, traditional or not

10 subtle signs a guy would make a good father

If a guy has good communication with most of his family members and doesn't dread visiting your folks, he's halfway there.

A boyfriend who's paying attention to your issues with your family and wants to know more about your upbringing is open to becoming the world's best dad.

2. You spend time talking about the future

10 subtle signs a guy would make a good father

It's not you and your man. It is about all the mutual decisions you make daily.

He's not afraid of responsibilities, small and more significant ones. He's taking care of you, though he knows you're perfectly capable of taking care of yourself.

3. He knows how to solve problems

10 subtle signs a guy would make a good father

A couple in a toxic relationship only knows how to pile up on the issues. A healthy one is about finding solutions, sort of like swimming in the warm, calm sea.

One of the most significant signs he'll make a good dad is that he is not prone to arguing. Instead, he prefers to talk things out without running away or yelling.

4. A good dad respects mom

10 subtle signs a guy would make a good father

According to relationship experts, one of the main reasons people fail at parenting is because they don't know how to keep their business out of a child's life.

Now, you can't see into the future, but if he's respectful and not vengeful, he's more likely to be a present parent who will improve the kid's life.

5. He's paying attention to his pets

10 subtle signs a guy would make a good father

If your man has a pet, just observe in quiet. The way he treats his pet will tell you all you need to know about him as a father.

Even if he's not a dog dad, you can watch him interact with vulnerable, elderly, and other kids. If he shows compassion, you have found yourself a good one.

6. Your man isn't afraid of changes

10 subtle signs a guy would make a good father

Babies change everything. You don't have to be aware of it now, but as soon it arrives, your life becomes something else.

You two may think you're ready for kids, but is anyone ever really? That's why it is essential to have someone who will accept the changes and help you, even if that means going to a marriage and family therapist.

7. He's not needy

10 subtle signs a guy would make a good father

Once the baby arrives, you won't have time for each other as you do now. Will you seriously have a child with someone who likes to act like a baby himself?

Relationship experts agree that fatherhood changes people, but if he's not already a grown-up, it's one of the clear signs your partner might not be the ideal choice for becoming a father.

8. Your guy can be whimsical and goofy

10 subtle signs a guy would make a good father

If he's all work and no play, well, that's just boring, and more than that. That guy might end up resenting you and your baby for being on his way on the corporate ladder.

Being a father can be full of embarrassing moments, and the more time you spend time, the more of his true funny, goofy nature you'll start noticing.

9. He likes taking charge

10 subtle signs a guy would make a good father

We're not talking about controlling men or the abusers in toxic relationships. Simply, if your man knows when to jump in when you're about to burst, he's ready for kids.

You will need a helping hand and nights off, and he won't pretend he is babysitting. Instead, your man will accept that he's merely a dad.

10. Finally, he's adulting more that you

10 subtle signs a guy would make a good father

Well, he may be goofy, but if a guy likes to stay in, if he's over his bachelor days, and he feels a need for you two to grow, it's baby time.

Part of being a grown-up is knowing when the party's over, and he is more excited about your future than stuck in his college days.

So, ladies, did you find your man, or do you need to find a new man? Remember, it's not a bad idea to see a marriage and family therapist before bringing a new life into your world.

It could help ease off the anxieties and help you be more prepared for all the parenting bliss. And disasters!