10 Struggles Of Knowing Who The Right Guy Is But Not Being Able To Find Him

Once you've reached the stage in your journey as a single woman where you've identified the exact person you want to be with, it can be both a blessing and a curse. It's fantastic that you've identified your dream partner, but there are some downsides. The struggle is real when you have an ideal man in mind, but haven't yet met him.

1. You Almost Wish That You Could Settle

While you understand that settling is not a wise choice, after several unsuccessful first dates, there may be a part of you that wishes you could just settle. It may seem like being alone wouldn't be so bad, but you quickly come back to reality because you know that dating someone who isn't the right fit is not an option.

2. You Feel Like You're Too Picky

You believe that you're not excessively picky - or perhaps just discerning enough, depending on how you view it. You have a clear idea of the qualities and personality you're seeking in a partner, and you're not interested in men who don't meet those standards. However, there are times when you feel like you're turning down too many guys and wonder if you should ease up a bit.

3. You Start To Resent Being Alone

You've mastered the single girl lifestyle and have a fulfilling routine that you love, but that doesn't mean you don't experience low points. Sometimes, when you have a precise vision of your ideal future boyfriend, you can't believe that you haven't met him yet, and you start to question why you're still single. After all, half the battle is figuring out what you want, and you know who this guy is, so where is he?

4. You Wonder If You're Paranoid

You're not afraid to end things at the slightest indication of trouble in a new relationship, almost-relationship, or situationship. Your ultimate goal is to date someone who feels like the perfect match, so you trust your instincts. However, you sometimes question whether you're being overly cautious. Should you always be so eager to leave? What if you try to work through the issues? In hindsight, you realize that you made the right choice, but it can be tough to be so certain all the time.

5. You Rarely Go On Dates

Dating is often referred to as a numbers game, and the common advice is to go on as many first dates as possible to increase your chances of finding a great match. However, you struggle to follow this advice and find yourself going on very few dates. You only agree to meet in person if you're certain that the guy is worth your time. While it's great that you're not just going on dates for the sake of it, you feel like you're not doing everything you can to find someone.

6. Your Friends And Family Think You've Given Up

Your acquaintances have stopped inquiring about your romantic life as they assume the answer will always be negative. It bothers you that they believe you have lost hope, but you haven't. You are simply being more careful about choosing a partner to entrust with your heart.

7. You Can't Help Judging The Relationships Around You

Being certain that you should remain single until you meet your ideal partner makes you overly critical of couples in your surroundings. You assume that many people settle in their relationships and would benefit from reconsidering their choices and breaking up with their current partners.

8. You Feel Like Something Is Missing

You are convinced that you have identified your ideal partner, but it is causing you to feel restricted in your single lifestyle. You often find yourself searching for something (or someone) that seems to be absent, making it challenging to relish this phase of your life. Occasionally, you can embrace your current situation, but mostly you feel incomplete and believe that finding your dream guy would bring contentment.

9. You Wonder If You're Going Crazy

You fear that if you disclose to others that you are on the brink of discovering true love, they will question your sanity. After all, no one can predict when love will strike, isn't that the whole idea? You contemplate if you are losing your mind, as you genuinely believe that you are nearing the end of your quest for the guy you have been seeking.

10. You Fight The Urge To Be Bitter 24/7

You're approaching another year of being single and want to prevent becoming a disillusioned, older woman. However, it's tough to shake the feeling that you deserve love and it's unfortunate to still be alone. While many single women face this reality, it doesn't make it any less painful for you.