10 Stages All Romantic Relationships Go Through 

10 Stages All Romantic Relationships Go Through 

Some people have the wrong idea of what a healthy relationship is. They believe that if people are meant for each other, they would stay in the honeymoon phase forever. And honestly, I was that person. Don't judge me, movies never tell you what happens after the "happily ever after".

But the reality is a healthy relationship changes with time. People change too. I had to learn that the harder way - you know, by being in a long-term relationship.


So I decided to give you a heads up of sorts, a timeline through the most important phases of a relationship.

The Crush Stage

We all love and hate this phase in equal parts. Flirting with the other person, waiting for them to look at you or smile at you is so cute. But then again, it's painfully awkward, isn't it?


Getting-to-Know-Them Stage

Once one of you makes a move, we slide into the second phase, where you get to know this person. At this point, you are not yet romantically involved - you are just talking. If things go well and you two like each other, we move on to the next phase.


The Kiss Stage

So, you've been talking for a while and you like each other. The moment is right and you kiss.

This kiss can make or break a potential relationship. You might have insane conversation chemistry but if your first kiss is bland, you'll likely move on as friends.


Dating Stage

At this point, you will likely be comfortable to reveal some more important details of your life. It's that sweet, pure phase of a relationship where you actually become friends.

The First Time Stage

It may seem superficial, but it's an important milestone of any relationship. Sometimes it's awkward, sometimes it's awesome, but it all depends on how comfortable you are. What might be even more important is the sleepover which happens after. This is where your bond grows even stronger.


Comfort Stage

As time goes by, you start to get more comfortable. You two find your own routine and you already know each other really well. You've met their friends and they've met your friends, you guys go out still, but stay in more often.

While everything is still dreamy, you already went through some fights and problems.


Meet The Parents Stage

Now that you have a real relationship, you will likely introduce them to your parents, and they will do the same. This can be awkward but it can help both of you understand how you fit in each other's lives.

Moving in Stage

This might happen before you meet the parents, but often it happens after. At first, you'll just discuss it or even spontaneously start spending days in one place together. As things progress, you will move in together. Moving in is serious because you will likely start sharing expenses and getting to know the other person even better.


Engagement Stage

Sometimes, a lot of time will pass before you get engaged. It all depends on your personal preferences and how things progress. However, this is a magical phase where you two decide to commit to each other for an even longer time.

The Marriage Stage

Getting married is just one day in your life. It will be beautiful, but then real life will start again. New problems will arise and of course, you two should go through them together. At some point, you'll start talking about children too.


As I mentioned earlier, what happens beyond the wedding is often not represented in movies or even books. But if you two are right for each other, it's even more amazing than anything before.

Relationships are all different. Some will follow this exact timeline. Some will be a bit different. Some relationships take more time to go through them, some less. But either way, it's a beautiful journey, and you should enjoy it.