10 Small Rituals For A Lifetime Of Happiness In A Relationship

10 Small Rituals For A Lifetime Of Happiness In A Relationship

Stop focusing on other couples and how much you're giving to your partner. Instead, work on creating long-lasting happiness, and that means sharing these tips with your SO!

We are consumed by the idea of an effortless happily ever after and the idea of being in love. The reality is that there's no such thing as a perfect relationship, but you can build small, significant rituals, which will make your relationship better than any fairytale.

It's easier than trying to recreate romcoms or imitate Instagram couples.

Be honest

We tend to hide our honesty to avoid hurting the person we love. But, eventually, our half-truths are the ones that will bite from the behind.

Speak up about your concerns, fears, and issues. Being honest may seem hard at times, but as you practice, it will make you a better partner.

Don't forget to laugh

Laugh with each other and to each other.

Laughter brings you closer, and creating inside jokes will create more intimacy.

Respect is non-negotiable

Respect is earned, but it's also a two-way street. If you don't show that you love but respect your SO, you could lose them or end up in an unhealthy relationship.

The matter of trust

Trust and respect often go hand in hand.

If your past taught you to be cautious, let your partner know that you're working on it. And, honestly, work it out, because there's no love without trust.

Speaking of the past...

Let the bygones be bygones.

You are not responsible for your partner's past, but you can change the way you see yours.

Additionally, if your relationship was tested, yet you worked things out, don't bring up the past events every time you're angry or upset. If you still have unresolved issues, that's a matter of communication, and those problems won't go away by acting passive-aggressively.

Don't forget the compliments!

Compliments aren't reserved just for people who are in the early stages of dating.

Remind your partner that you love their eyes, their smell, and remind yourself what it is that made you choose them.

Support each other's growth

Couples who grow together stay together. But you need to be prepared to sacrifice your time and invest in the growth.

If only one person grows, they will start to suffocate. Make room for your hobbies, interests, and find your passions. You don't have to spend all the time together to prove that you love each other.

Don't force changes

If you want to start a vegan lifestyle, your partner should support you. But, don't try to force them to follow your every lead.

No matter how much you want the best for your partner, you shouldn't force them to do anything. Otherwise, you're become controlling. Yikes!

Rely on one another

Having each other's backs is a process, but the whole lesson can be summoned up in the following: you don't have to agree with your partner to give your support.

If you can't support a decision they thought was right, try to talk it out. Your input won't change their minds every time, but you will both learn more about the issue. It'll teach you to respect each other when you disagree.

Don't go to bed angry

Some problems can't be solved overnight. But, taking a pause from arguing and focusing on lighter topics before going to bed can help.

Don't sweep issues under the carpet, and you are with the person you love, not the enemy. That's why it's essential to pause and rethink which move will bring the best and the fastest resolution.