10 Signs You're Wasting Your Life But Can't Accept It

10 Signs You’re Wasting Your Life But Can’t Accept It

Do you feel stuck? When was the last time you asked yourself, what do you want? Do you have any plans for the future? Here's how to know if you're wasting your life, and the sooner you accept it, the better.

Wasting time can inevitably turn into spending your life. Here are ten clear signs that you are indeed not living but existing. And once you accept it, there's enough time to change it.

Complaining & Blaming

You spend days complaining and blaming everyone and everything.

It's your life, and if you don't take responsibility, you're risking facing regrets. Your job, boss, partner, friends, they are all replaceable, but life isn't.

You Don't Care About Your Health

You are what you eat. Think about that. And while we at it, when was the last time you worked out?

Make a reward system for each healthy meal you prepare and spend time walking, riding the bicycle if you can't afford the gym.

And You Don't Give A Darn About Your Mental Health

When your body doesn't get enough nutrients and fresh air, it's no wonder you feel a bit off. And what's worse is that you're not investing in your mental health.

Reading, learning yoga, meditation, developing healthy sleeping patterns helps.

Shopping As A Meaningless Distraction

Spending to waste time isn't a hobby. It's an escape from reality.

Instead of shopping for useless things, invest that money in yourself. Get a massage, do your hair, book a life coach. And buy books, then start reading!

Always On Your Phone

Instead of filling your mind with something you can benefit from, you're always scrolling, playing games, and doing quizzes.

Try to monitor your phone activities, and once you see just how much time you spend on nothing, you'll be scared.

The Comfort Zone Is Suffocating You

What happened to your dreams? You're lost in your comfort zone, but there's no comfort in a prison of your own making.

Your body and soul need experiences. And you need to learn to be comfortable even when you're not entirely comfortable.

Who Are Your Friends, Anyway?

If your friends aren't pushing you forwards, they are dragging you back.

You don't need faux friends and emotional vampires just to avoid being alone. If you can't find empowering friends, learn to empower yourself.

No Dreams, Goals Or Future

What do you want? Yes, we live in the present moment, but most of the things we do are for a better future.

Write down what it is that always wanted. Then make milestones and make that dream come true!

Self-mocking Is Your Idea Of Humor

You're always putting yourself down, but it's no longer funny.

As you repeat the same old jokes, you're starting to believe them. Not only you're undermining yourself, but you're also destroying your already shaky sense of self.

Distractions And Interruptions Fill Your Day

You're allowing distractions and interruptions to take your most precious gift: time.

Let yourself feel bored, and then start writing down productive things, such as how to make this day better or which meal to prepare once you get home.

Wasting a life is sad, but when you're ready to accept that you're doing it yourself, there's a way to make a U-turn. Change begins with acceptance, and your growth continues as you dare to dream and go after what you want.