10 Signs You're His Girlfriend But Also His Best Friend

10 Signs You’re His Girlfriend But Also His Best Friend

If you're looking for a long-term relationship, the love and friendship combo means you're on your way to success. When you trade secrets and drama for open communication and acceptance, spiced up with fun-loving intimacy, the keys to relationship longevity are in your hands. You're looking at a deep connection with someone for the win! The sad truth is that many relationships are headed for the breakup because that friendship element is missing. Or, as a female, the great sex is keeping you from looking for the things in your relationship that build long-term trust and deep love. Wondering if maybe that's the relationship you have now? Check these ten signs to see.

1. You started as friends

No secrets here. He already knows all the bad boys and false starts from before. And, he knows not to say a word before that first cup of coffee. And he doesn't. He's a keeper from the get-go.

2. You laugh together

You get him to crack up and he gives you everything from giggles to belly laughs. It just seems to come from nowhere, but there it is. Laughing together frequently, sometimes for no reason, is a sign of how well you two work together.

3. He wants you around… A LOT

He may have his man cave moments, but amazingly when it's time to hang out with the guys, he wants you along, too. They've all come to see you as a friend, also. Out of his circle of friends, you're the one he has sex with.

4. You know what he's thinking

When you spend a comfortable time together, you share. He seems to know what you are thinking without you saying a word. And, this sign works both ways. You are often surprised that he knows what you are considering before you say anything.

5. He's been there to weather the worst storms

Even when other friends bail during a difficult time, he's been there to support you. Sometimes it's just by being there. Other times he kicks you out of the blues by saying just the right thing. But, bottom line, he was there.

6. You spend time hanging out

You can spend all day—and all night—just hanging out. You don't need a particular date to have fun together. Those dates have their place, but you two enjoy each other's company. Sometimes you just spend time being together without any words at all.

7. That chemistry you two have - other couples hate it

You can see it in their eyes, those little sparks of jealousy. How do you two just make it work without working at it? It may be just a little hate, but they want to know how you do it.

8. You don't need separate time

A sure sign that the two of you are long-term compatible does not need time away. When you have a unique project, you like having him around. You don't need to go away for your special time.

9. His trust is deep

He trusts you enough to share the bad stuff, the embarrassing secrets, and the genuinely terrible moments. He shares profound, sincere moments. That's trust at a deep level.

10. It still feels like the beginning

Being together hasn't lost any of the wonder, delight, and joy you had at the beginning. If anything, your relationship is better than it was back then because you trusted in each other.

If you've gone through the list and everything rings true, your relationship is likely to be one of those very great, long-lasting keepers. Aren't you the luckiest?