10 Signs Your Relationship With Your Work Husband Is Bordering On Inappropriate

Many of us spend most of our waking hours at work, leading to more time spent with coworkers than with our partners. It's common to have a close relationship with a coworker of the opposite sex, often referred to as a "work husband." While there's nothing inherently wrong with having a work husband, it can become complicated when the relationship becomes too intimate. Here are some indications that you may be crossing the line:

1. You talk to him literally all day

Having a work husband often means they work nearby, providing opportunities to chat while working. Additionally, internal chat systems in most offices allow for constant communication throughout the day. However, if you find yourself chatting with your work husband about non-work-related topics all day, it may be necessary to take a step back.

2. You complain about your significant other to him

It's common to discuss personal matters with work husbands, including significant others. However, if you find yourself extensively criticizing your significant other with your work husband, you have likely blurred boundaries and crossed a line.

3. He complains about his significant other to you and you comfort him

Sharing personal information with your work husband can create a sense of familiarity that may encourage them to share as well. While this is not necessarily negative, it can blur the lines of professional and personal conversations. If your work husband begins venting about their partner, it could indicate that the relationship is becoming too personal. It's important to establish boundaries before things progress too far.

4. You frequently text him after work

Work husbands can develop into close friends outside of work, leading to exchanging phone numbers. Sending occasional texts with funny pictures or links is normal, but engaging in frequent long text conversations can be risky. It's important to be aware of potential danger zones.

5. You tell him things you haven't even told your significant other

It's common to seek advice from a trusted friend when avoiding a difficult conversation with a significant other. However, if you find yourself discussing things you actively hide from your partner with your work husband, it indicates poor boundaries and dishonesty. Your partner should know the real you better than anyone else, including your work husband.

6. You hang out with him after work more than a few times a month

It's common for work husbands to become friends outside of work, leading to socializing with coworkers or going out for drinks occasionally. However, if you find yourself frequently going out alone with your work husband, it can become questionable. If you are spending time alone with him or socializing with him and others more than a few times a month, it's possible that you've crossed the line.

7. You think about him all the time

During relationship troubles, work husbands may be the first person that comes to mind due to the existing close relationship and frequent interaction. However, if you find yourself thinking about your work husband excessively, even when things are going well with your partner, you may have crossed the warning signs of being too close and entered into inappropriate territory.

8. You start having sex dreams about him

Dreams provide an outlet for our unconscious minds to process our pent-up emotions. We may do things in our dreams that we would never do in reality, as they reveal what we're truly preoccupied with and avoid when we're awake. If you have sex dreams about your work husband, don't panic; it simply indicates that he's frequently on your mind. However, it's crucial to reflect on your feelings towards him and establish appropriate boundaries for your interactions.

9. You actively flirt with him at work

Harmless flirting is common and can boost our self-esteem, which is usually acceptable. However, nonstop flirting with your work husband can become problematic since you already share a close relationship. What appears to be harmless flirting could potentially become risky behavior.

10. You're dishonest about your interactions with him

The adage "honesty is the best policy" may seem clich├ęd, but it holds true significance. Dishonesty often stems from a sense of guilt, indicating that you're concealing something. If you find yourself hiding interactions with your work spouse from loved ones, it's a sign that you're too invested. To resolve this, confide in someone, especially your partner, and re-establish boundaries with your work spouse.