10 Signs Your Boyfriend Is Only Pretending To Love You, According To A Guy

Trust is an essential component of any romantic relationship, as it involves taking a leap of faith. One has to believe that their partner reciprocates their feelings and is sincere in wanting to build a genuine connection. However, discovering that your partner was feigning interest can be incredibly disappointing. It's crucial to stay aware of warning signs while avoiding cynicism and negative assumptions. Although it can be difficult to find a balance, be wary of these red flags that may indicate your partner is not sincere.


1. He Refuses To Cuddle

It's natural for most guys not to be enthusiastic about cuddling regularly, but if your significant other truly cares about you, he'll be willing to indulge in a snuggle every now and then. He understands that it's important to you and will do it to bring you happiness. It's the ones who refuse to cuddle that you need to be concerned about. If he's unwilling to make this small sacrifice occasionally, how can he genuinely love you?


2. You Don't Get Invited To Family Functions

Attending family events with the man in your life can reveal a lot about your relationship's status. If he consistently invites you to these gatherings, it's a positive sign that he sees a future with you. Conversely, if he excludes you from these events, especially after knowing you wish to attend, it may indicate that his feelings towards you are not as strong.


3. His Friends Don't Like You

In most cases, the guy's friends will not put in much effort to conceal their dislike towards you. However, if they realize their friend is genuinely in love with you and desires a long-term relationship, they will try harder to establish a cordial relationship with you. But if they refuse to accept you, it may limit how far your relationship with the guy can go.


4. He Says What He Thinks You Want To Hear

It's important to avoid constant conflict in a relationship, but it's also essential to be cautious of a man who is overly agreeable. He may only be telling you what you want to hear to maintain a positive atmosphere, allowing him to obtain what he desires from the relationship without any issues. On the other hand, a man who cares for you will have no difficulty expressing his genuine thoughts and opinions.


5. He Stays Away From Emotional Intimacy

Consider the "all sex, no talking" principle. Relationships should generally advance both physically and emotionally at a similar rate. If he is receiving physical satisfaction but refusing to open up emotionally, you should question whether his emotions for you are sincere or not.

6. He's Not There When You Need Him

Being there for someone is a crucial aspect of a loving relationship. If he cannot be there for you when you require him, then he does not genuinely love you. It's true that some guys may not understand when you hint that you need them, but if you explicitly state that you need him for something, and he still doesn't show up, it's a good indication that his feelings for you are insincere.


7. He's Full Of Excuses

If a guy is pretending to love you, he'll always have an excuse for everything. He never takes responsibility for his actions and will go to great lengths to persuade you of his affection.

8. He's Inconsistent

It's normal for a guy to have off days and pull back occasionally, but it's concerning when he's hot and cold towards you. When his feelings towards you are so inconsistent that you can't comprehend where you stand, it's usually a sign that he's feigning his love for you.


9. You Chase Him

While this piece of advice comes with some exceptions, such as when dating a shy or introverted guy, you may need to initiate some aspects of the relationship, like texting and planning dates. However, it's crucial to note that he should take the lead at times. If he fails to do so, it could be a sign that he's only pretending to care for you and isn't invested in the relationship, making it necessary to be watchful for one-sided relationships.


10. There's No Talk Of The Future

A guy who genuinely loves you should be comfortable discussing the future. He may not bring it up often, but if the topic comes up, he should have some thoughts on the matter. If he tries to avoid the subject, it could be a sign that he's not interested in a serious relationship and is merely pretending to have feelings for you.