10 Signs Your Boyfriend Has A Side Piece, According To A Guy

Although not all men are like this, it is true that many men like to have the best of both worlds. They want to be in a relationship but also keep their options open. Therefore, it is possible that your boyfriend may be seeing other women. Here are some signs to look out for that may indicate that he is cheating on you.

1. He seems preoccupied

Balancing multiple women is a difficult task, contrary to popular belief. It can be challenging for men with a side partner to remain focused or attentive. With their attention divided between you and another woman, along with other life responsibilities, it's easy for them to become distracted or forgetful. If your boyfriend mixes up inside jokes or appears preoccupied during your time together, it could be a sign that he's thinking about someone else. However, other factors could also be at play, causing him to lose focus.

2. He plays phone games

It's typically suspicious behavior when a man plays games with his phone. If he goes out of his way to keep you from seeing it, chances are he's hiding something. It's not always a sure sign that he has another girlfriend, but even if he's exchanging flirtatious texts with a co-worker, he'll want to keep it private. Additionally, be wary of a man who has a second phone, unless it's necessary for his job. There's typically no good reason for your boyfriend to have one.

3. His "nuts ex" keeps contacting him

Men who have a side partner often use the excuse of a "crazy ex-girlfriend" to cover their tracks. They'll claim that she won't stop calling and texting, but in reality, he's communicating with his other woman and lying to avoid suspicion. It's a convenient scheme since it portrays him as a sympathetic victim, but the truth is, very few guys have an ex-girlfriend who behaves in such a manner. Don't fall for this lie, ladies.

4. He smells different

Smell alone may not be the most reliable indicator, and jumping to conclusions based on it can lead to unnecessary stress. However, if a man is seeing multiple women, he may smell differently after spending time with another woman. He may also wear more cologne or take extra showers to conceal any scent from his side partner. While it's not definitive evidence, a different smell could be a sign that he's involved with other women.

5. He avoids commitment

There are various reasons why guys may shy away from committing to a relationship, and having a side partner is one of them. If you're pushing for the relationship to progress, and he's hesitant, it could be a sign that he's seeing someone else without informing you. In a way, he's doing the right thing by not committing to something he can't follow through with. However, if he's not willing to make the relationship public on social media, it could be a red flag that there's someone else involved.

6. He's still on dating sites

Discovering that your boyfriend maintains an active profile on dating sites implies that he isn't entirely committed to your relationship. Even if he isn't involved with another woman, it suggests that he's at least open to the idea. The truth is, being in a committed relationship means there's no need for such apps. If your partner doesn't delete them from his phone months into your relationship, it's a reason to be wary.

7. His job keeps him "busy"

Although some individuals may have demanding jobs that require them to work long hours, you can only accept "working late" as a valid excuse so many times. A guy with a side partner will continue to use this excuse as long as it works for him. Based on your boyfriend's job, you can determine if this excuse is credible or not. If it's not, it's possible that he has another woman on the side.

8. His sex drive is down

Admittedly, there could be various reasons why your boyfriend's sex drive has decreased. One of these reasons could be that he's getting it elsewhere. It's understandable that he won't be in the mood if he's already sleeping with someone else. Moreover, he could feel more emotionally connected to the other person than to you. Along with his decreased sex drive, a lack of affection and cuddling can also suggest that his attention is divided with another person.

9. You've never met his friends

At some stage, it's normal to meet your boyfriend's friends. If he's always dodging that, it's a red flag. Maybe he doesn't want to introduce you to his friends because he's already introduced them to his other girlfriend, and he doesn't want to complicate things. Admittedly, there could be other reasons why he's not introducing you to his friends, but it's still a sign that he's playing games with the relationship.

10. He overcompensates

Guys with a side piece can feel guilty and tend to overcompensate. If your boyfriend starts being unusually nice or giving you random gifts, it could be a sign that he feels guilty. While your first instinct shouldn't be suspicion, his sudden change in behavior could be due to having another girlfriend on the side.