10 Signs You Should Not Be Sleeping With The Guy You Are Sleeping With

While many people use the phrase "better than sex" to describe extraordinary experiences, it may not always be the most fitting compliment. This is because there are numerous sexual encounters that can far surpass such experiences. Although some individuals may seem incredibly attractive and desirable, they may ultimately be unsatisfying as sexual partners. If your partner exhibits any of these signs, it might be a good idea to begin seeking out a different partner for intimate moments.

1. He doesn't listen to you

Effective communication is crucial for great sexual experiences, and attentive listening plays a significant role in successful communication. A sexual partner who disregards your requests or persists in doing things you dislike despite your objections is not someone who can be considered satisfactory. It's not advisable to help a man achieve orgasm if he can't be bothered to listen to your desires and preferences.

2. He's selfish

A man who shows no interest in pleasuring you doesn't deserve to have sex with you. If he neglects foreplay or doesn't prioritize your orgasm, it's best to avoid him and let him learn that sex involves the participation of both partners. Don't waste your time with someone who isn't invested in your sexual satisfaction.

3. There's no chemistry

Despite a seemingly good plan, things may not work out as expected when it's time to take action. Sexual chemistry is a significant factor, and without it, being physically intimate may be difficult to enjoy. Ending a relationship due to a lack of sexual chemistry does not make someone a bad person.

4. He doesn't reciprocate

If a guy refuses to perform oral sex on you after you've done it to him, it's best to avoid him and his penis until he learns some manners. Although nobody should be coerced into doing anything they don't want to do, you shouldn't feel obliged to reciprocate when he won't. Sexual equality is crucial in a relationship, and you shouldn't let him take advantage of your kindness.

5. He treats you like a sex doll

If you enjoy being treated this way, then that's your choice, but if not, don't settle for a guy who only puts in the minimum effort required to satisfy himself. If a guy doesn't take the time to warm you up, show affection during sex, and make sure you're satisfied, he's essentially using you as a disposable sex object. You deserve better than that, and you know your standards are higher.

6. He's not willing to learn

A guy who outright denies that he could improve is even worse than one who doesn't seem to listen. These men often believe they are the best thing to happen to women, and suggesting otherwise wounds their ego. If a man refuses to change his ways despite your feedback, he won't get better in bed over time. This is primarily because he won't allow himself to improve.

7. He refuses to use protection

Your health and safety are more important than any orgasm. If you insist on having protected sex, but your partner makes excuses like, "There are no condoms big enough for me," don't give in. Decline every time until he respects your wish to stay safe.

8. He doesn't look at you

It's understandable to close your eyes when the sex is amazing, but there's a significant difference between doing that and staring at the wall instead of your partner. Constant eye contact during sex can be intense, but you shouldn't be with someone who prefers to stare at the headboard rather than your beautiful body.

9. He won't spend time with you afterward

The "serial hitter-and-quitter" is not someone you want to be with. If he consistently remembers errands he needs to run right after sex, he doesn't value your company as much as he values your body. Even if you're just hooking up, you deserve better than to be kicked out of his house immediately after having sex.

10. He expects it

It's crucial to differentiate between hoping for sex and expecting it. If a guy gets angry at you for rejecting his advances or implies that you owe him sex, don't hesitate to kick him out. You don't owe him anything, especially if he's going to throw a tantrum like a child when things don't go his way.