10 Signs You Need Better Friends

It can be difficult to find true friends, but once you do, it's important to cherish them. Are you feeling like it's time to change up your social circle? If any of the following apply to you, it may be time to find some new best friends.

1. You Can't Trust Them With Your Secrets

A friend who cannot maintain confidentiality is not a true friend. Similar to romantic relationships, trust is fundamental in building and maintaining friendships. Everyone has a right to a certain level of privacy, so the friends you confide in should ensure that your secrets remain undisclosed.


2. They're Only Around For The Good Times

We all have that one friend who brings energy to every party. However, their presence during fun times does not guarantee their support during tough times. True friends are there through thick and thin, through the good and the bad.

3. You're Always Cleaning Up Their Messes

Regrettably, it is a harsh truth that certain friends can be a negative influence, bringing you down. Whether it's due to their drunken behavior or breaking the law, their actions can cause unnecessary stress in your life. It's important to recognize that their mistakes are not your responsibility, and if they cannot make positive changes, it may be best to distance yourself from their drama.


4. They Take You For Granted

Consider the amount of effort you invest in your friendships. Are your friends equally committed? Building and maintaining a friendship requires mutual effort. Do you feel valued for all the things you do for your friends? If not, perhaps it's time to seek out friends who reciprocate and give as much as they receive.

5. You Spend More Time As Enemies Than As Friends

A long history of constant fighting should not define your friendship. Just like in romantic relationships, friendships can be healthy or unhealthy. Your friends should be your allies, not your adversaries. While disagreements can occur, the good times should outweigh the bad.


6. They Don't Fight Fair

Although disagreements are a normal part of life, constant fighting should be avoided. It's important not to escalate every argument as if it's the end of the friendship. Resorting to spreading rumors, damaging relationships, or revealing a friend's secrets should be avoided if you want to maintain a lasting friendship. The bottom line is to avoid playing dirty if you value your friendship.


7. You Can't Trust Them With Your Boyfriend

It's a basic rule in friendship - you do not pursue your friend's romantic interest. A friend who flirts with your partner or someone you're interested in is not a true friend. You deserve a supportive wingwoman who helps you find love, not a selfish attention-seeker who tries to steal it from you.

8. They Make You Feel Bad About Yourself

True friends are supposed to encourage and support you, not bring you down. When you are feeling low and unable to see your worth, they should be there to remind you of your amazing qualities. Your friends are in your life for a reason, but make sure that reason is not to boost their own self-esteem by making you feel inferior.


9. You're Worse Off With Them Than You Are Without Them

Your friends should inspire you to be your best self, not bring out the worst in you. When you're spending time with your girlfriends, do you feel happy and enjoy yourself? Also, consider how your behavior affects others. If your friendship is centered around being unkind or derogatory towards others, then it would be better for everyone if your relationship didn't exist.


10. You Don't Know Why You're Friends

The question is straightforward - why are you friends with your girlfriends? It should be effortless to identify the qualities that make them amazing friends. However, if you cannot come up with even one good reason for your friendship, then perhaps it's time to consider whether you should continue being friends.