10 Signs You Have Serious Communication Issues In Your Relationship


If your relationship has taken a turn for the worse and you can't quite put your finger on why, it may be due to communication issues. While there is no cheating or abuse present, you find it difficult to talk to your partner about the situation. Be aware of the following signs, as they may indicate that your relationship is on the verge of collapse due to poor communication:

1. Your Conversations Never Go Deeper Than Surface Level

Gone are the days (and nights) when you could spend endless hours on the phone with someone, discussing anything and everything under the sun without ever running out of things to say. Instead, the conversations now tend to be superficial and trivial. It's like making small talk with a cashier at the grocery store while buying tampons - light and superficial, but with an underlying feeling of discomfort.


2. You Don't Ask About Each Other's Day

Asking your partner how their day went is a simple yet crucial question. It demonstrates your interest in their daily life and provides a starting point for conversation. If you both neglect to ask this basic question, it could be a sign of a significant problem in your relationship.

3. Both Of You Talk More Than You Listen

Desiring to express oneself is not necessarily a negative thing, particularly if you sense that your partner dominates the conversation. However, it's possible that your partner feels the same way, resulting in a persistent and opposing battle of wills. How can anything be accomplished when both parties are preoccupied with asserting their own ideas and opinions?


4. You Lose Your Patience/Temper Very Easily These Days

If your partner's inquiries always provoke a sharp and critical response from you, and you regard them as foolish, it's possible that you have deep-seated resentment about the state of your relationship. It's like cornering an unfed, sleep-deprived alley cat that's likely to become agitated by even the smallest provocation. If you're frequently annoyed, there may be an underlying issue within your relationship that requires attention.


5. One Or Both Of You Do Nothing But Nag, Nag, Nag

Criticizing your partner excessively or losing your patience with them is one thing, but intentionally hurting them is another. If you find yourself wanting to dissect every word that comes out of your partner's mouth, it may be a sign that you've reached your limit. While nagging is not a productive way to communicate, there is only so much you can tolerate before it becomes your default mode. Be careful not to make it a habit because it can leave you feeling bitter and jaded.


6. You Don't Even Feel Like Having The Conversation To Fix The Problem

The most alarming stage of a communication breakdown is when apathy sets in after the anger and nagging. This could be a warning sign that a breakup is on the horizon. If you feel like your partner takes you for granted, or worse, your emotions are being ignored, and you just want to withdraw, you may have reached a breaking point. You have two options: either use every tool in your communication arsenal to make things work or end the relationship and move on.


7. Assumptions About The Other Person's Feelings Run Rampant

Although you may feel like you know your partner inside and out after spending so much time together, assuming you know how they will react in any given situation can be dangerous. Just because they have reacted a certain way in the past doesn't mean they will react the same way again. Even your own reactions can vary depending on the circumstances. It's important to give your partner the benefit of the doubt and allow room for both of you to grow and evolve in your communication within the relationship.


8. You Both Avoid Personal Hot-Button Topics

If you find yourself dreading bringing up certain topics because you're afraid it will lead to an argument or hurt feelings, it may be a sign that there are unresolved issues between you and your partner. This indicates a breakdown in communication, or possibly a lack of communication altogether. It's important to address these issues openly and honestly in order to work through them and strengthen your relationship.


9. You'd Rather Tell Your Friends Your Problems Than Tell Your Partner

If you find yourself seeking comfort from someone else when you need to vent your frustrations, it's a warning sign for your relationship. It's crucial to avoid this path, as it can lead to the end of your relationship. If you or your partner cannot be emotionally intimate with each other to the extent that you can share your frustrations, it's time to bid farewell.


10. Your Sex Life Is Pretty Much Nonexistent

When your emotional and mental connection is strained, your physical connection will also suffer. Physical intimacy is not enough to sustain a healthy relationship, and relying on sex alone will not keep your relationship strong.