10 Signs You Are In Denial About How Bad Your Relationship Really Is

Most people don't end a relationship as soon as they realize it's not working out. Instead, they hold on to the hope that things will improve, or they can find a way to make it work. However, the longer you stay in denial, the longer it will take to determine if the relationship is worth saving amidst the mess it has become.

1. You're A Pro At Making Excuses

You've become an expert at justifying and explaining away your unhappiness, to the point where it's become second nature. Although you can provide an explanation for everything, you're the only one who believes it.

2. You Refuse To Acknowledge Anyone's Concerns

Whenever your loved ones express concern about your relationship, you tend to dismiss them or brush it off as an overreaction. You believe you have done a good job of hiding your relationship problems, and you're not ready to accept that they might be more evident than you think.

3. You Lash Out At People For Being Concerned

If someone tries to make you acknowledge their concerns, you're more likely to accuse them of being jealous than to listen to what they have to say. You're so deep in denial that you'd rather end a friendship than confront the possibility that what they're saying might be accurate.

4. You Put More Weight In The Importance Of The Rare Good Moments

Relationships go through both highs and lows. However, if you refuse to acknowledge how severe the lows are, you may convince yourself that one good moment compensates for ten bad ones. In reality, the opposite should be true. To maintain a healthy relationship, you should aim for ten good moments for every bad one.

5. You Tell Yourself It Can't Be Worse Than Being Single

Believing that being single is inferior to being in a relationship is a misguided notion. By thinking this way, you are undervaluing yourself because you are afraid to be alone. You deserve more than settling for a relationship that doesn't fulfill you.

6. You Daydream About Things Being Different

Rather than taking action to improve your situation, you fixate on what could have been. You might wish that your partner communicated better or that you shared the same goals, but you see these issues as something you have to live with, rather than deal breakers that could end the relationship. It's important to remember that you always have the option to leave.

7. You Can't Be Yourself

If you're attempting to become the perfect partner for someone else, you're neglecting your own needs. If you cannot be yourself around your partner and believe that you can change who you are, you're in denial about the fact that you two may not be compatible.

8. You Have Too Much Patience

You persist in granting him yet another chance, regardless of the circumstances. By tolerating everything, you give the impression that you have no boundaries. Essentially, you let him take advantage of you because you struggle to recognize when you've had enough.

9. You Don't Communicate With Each Other

Both you and your partner are unwilling to confront the reality of your relationship. It becomes much harder to ignore issues when one of you insists on addressing them. However, if neither of you is willing to do so, nothing will ever improve.

10. You Believe You Have No Choice

It is possible that you are aware of the negative aspects of your relationship, but have lost all hope for change. For some reason, you do not consider ending the relationship a viable option and have resigned yourself to your situation. Now, you are trying to find a way to cope with it.