10 Signs You Are A Good Girlfriend


Being a good girlfriend doesn't come with a perfect recipe as that would make life too easy. However, there are certain things you can do to healthily contribute to your relationship. These signs indicate whether you're being a supportive and caring partner. If they don't seem applicable to your relationship, it may be time to re-evaluate whether you're doing everything you can to build up your partner.

1. You're genuinely interested in his passions

You don't have to share the same interests as your partner for a healthy relationship, but you should show genuine interest and support for their interests. Even if it's boring to hear them talk about it repeatedly, seeing their excitement should make it feel worthwhile.

2. You love getting dolled up for him

You don't have to wear a full face of makeup or dress up every day for your partner. In fact, if they expect that, it's not a good sign. However, just like you appreciate it when they put effort into their appearance, it works the same way. You should want to showcase your best self occasionally to remind your partner how lucky they are to have you.

3. You don't compare him to your exes

Bringing up past relationships frequently or comparing your current partner to exes indicates dissatisfaction with your current relationship and can lower your partner's confidence. Even if you claim your current partner is the best you've had, it's best to avoid these behaviors. Maturity involves letting go of past relationships and acknowledging that each relationship is unique. Avoid setting unreasonable expectations for your partner.

4. You're supportive of his goals

A supportive girlfriend will go above and beyond to help her man achieve his dreams, even if they seem impossible. Encouragement is essential, but actions are equally important. Both partners should actively work towards each other's goals and celebrate each other's achievements as their own.

5. You're open to trying new things

Embracing adventure is attractive, while constantly rejecting your boyfriend's ideas can be discouraging. It's important to step out of your comfort zone and try new things, especially if it's something your partner is excited about. However, it's crucial to maintain personal boundaries and respect each other's limits. Just as you respect his boundaries, he must do the same for you.

6. You get along with his friends (even the females)

It's unrealistic to expect that you'll adore every one of your boyfriend's friends, but it's important to make an effort to be cordial with his social circle. You shouldn't meddle with his friendships, just as you wouldn't want him to do the same. It's essential to avoid being jealous or possessive, especially if he has female friends. If you have concerns about his friends, approach the topic respectfully and maturely. Consider how you'd want him to respond if the roles were reversed.

7. You're direct about your feelings

Women are often portrayed as passive-aggressive or manipulative with their emotions, but it's better to be direct with your partner when you're upset. This shows maturity and confidence. Discussing your issues openly can help resolve them faster compared to keeping them bottled up and waiting for your partner to guess what's wrong.

8. You don't try to change him

Regardless of gender, trying to change your significant other usually indicates an unhealthy relationship. A good partner accepts their significant other for who they are. It's acceptable to disagree with their choices and call them out for bad behavior, but trying to alter them into someone else is not appropriate. Love your partner for who they are, or let them go.

9. You don't act like you're attached at the hip

Women are often depicted as clingy, but it's essential to give each other space in a healthy relationship, even if you enjoy spending time together. It's crucial to lead individual lives beyond the relationship. Recognize that your partner may need to focus on work or other people in their life at times. In such circumstances, show support and understanding.

10. You know how to calm him down

A strong relationship involves supporting each other emotionally, and it's essential to be there for your partner when they need a shoulder to lean on, even if they don't express it. A great girlfriend knows how to comfort him during a stressful situation or lift his spirits when he's feeling down. Being perceptive and in tune with his emotions shows that you have a strong bond.