10 Signs Of True Love In A Relationship: I Wish Had Known

10 Signs Of True Love In A Relationship: I Wish Had Known

10 Signs of True Love in a Relationship: I wish had known before I got dumped by my ex.

Did you find yourself thinking you had found true love only to be left heartbroken?

These 10 signs will help you know if you are experiencing true love in your relationship.

I've always been sexually naive for a greater part of my life. I found it difficult to express my true feelings to women.
About 18 months ago, I met this gorgeous girl. I fell in love with her and started dating almost immediately. She was my first girlfriend.
She became the light of my life. I treated her nicely, and we were so much in love with each other, or so I thought. Just a few months ago, he left me for another girl.
This incident left me particularly heartbroken!

I was sad for some days. I felt cheap and worthless. However, this incident made me reflect on my life. To cut a long story short, my eyes were opened and I now see the meaning of true love from a different perspective.
What is the meaning of True Love?
Can true love be objectively defined? The answer is "no."
When I first started dating my ex, I thought it was love at first sight. Well, I did not experience love; it was just the first stage of love known as infatuation!

This brings us to the question; what's true love?

True love is a deep affection you have for someone which cannot be explained by laws governing human behavior. It's selfless, pure, unending, and enduring.

How to Nurture True Love in a Relationship?

Over the past two months, l have done thorough research on "love and relationship. " One of my findings is that there's no such thing as love at first sight!
I'm sorry to burst your bubble, but that's the fact. However, true love takes time to develop!
Most of us go through life thinking what we experience in our first year or so in a relationship is true love. On the contrary, it's infatuation and sexual attraction and these can fade over a period of time.

As the bursts of sexual attraction start to fade after the first few arguments and challenges, that's when true love starts to enter the picture. Also, it's at this point. Most couples break up their relationship due to their incompatibilities.

To nurture love in a relationship, there needs to be:

Trust and Understanding

You have to learn to understand each other and develop trust in your relationship. Without trust, your relationship is as good as dead.

Honesty and constant communication

When there's a gap in communication with your partner, your relationship cannot survive. Sincere communication in your relationship brings you closer to your partner.

Tolerance and compatibility

For a long-lasting relationship, you must ensure to be compatible with your partner and also learn to overlook his or her shortcomings.

Sex, romance, love, and intimacy

These are the cornerstone of every great relationship. Even when you think the spark is lost, you should look for ways to rekindle it.

Forgiveness and compassion

These will help you during a difficult time. In a relationship, there are some losses and mistakes you can't fix. You must be willing to forgive and let go of past mistakes and move forward.

A sense of humor and fun

You should learn to correct each other's mistakes with love, laugh, and have fun together to distract you from the rigors of life. It helps also always make time to spend quality time together.

Why You Cannot Force True Love?

True love is not something you can easily fake or pretend to have for someone. It has to develop naturally over time. If, at the infatuation stage, you found yourself incompatible with your partner, there's little or no chance you will experience true love.

On the other hand, if you understand your partner and learn to share things, you will start to love each other's company. This will develop an inseparable bond between both of you. This bond eventually turns into a love that's selfless, pure, and enduring. This is what we call true love.

10 Signs of True Love in a Relationship
If I had known these 10 signs of true love in a relationship some months ago, I would not have been left so devastated and heartbroken when my boyfriend dumped me.

My ex was guilty of so many of these, but because of my naivety, I wasn't able to read the signs that he didn't love me. If you are in a relationship and want to avoid the same mistake I made, these 10 signs should help to find out if true love exists in your relationship.

1 Sacrifice:

In a relationship, both partners should be willing to put aside their self-interests for the greater good of the relationship. That's to say. You shouldn't sacrifice your time, money, and energy just to make the other person happy and feel truly loved. You have to be happy too.

2 Respect:

Respect is a sign of true love in a relationship. Couples should always ensure to show respect for each other. You need to respect your partner's decisions, values, opinions, and choices.

3 Generosity:

Generosity is a vital sign true love exists in a relationship. You should give freely to your partner, whether it's your time, love, or money, without expecting anything in return.

4 Humility:

When pride and arrogance set in between couples, the relationship suffers. You must be humble enough to accept mistakes and ask for forgiveness if you hurt your partner.

5 Emotional support:

A person that truly loves you will stand by you and support you during bad times. He or she can't bear to see you suffer and is more than willing to share in your sufferings.

6 Compliments and validation:

True love inspires couples to pay compliments to each other privately or in public. True love makes them show the depth of their love and care by showering praises and giving words of encouragement.

7 Happiness:

True love between two people brings happiness. When you truly love someone, you are always happy to see them or spend time in their company.

8 We mentality:

When you truly love someone, you start to see them as part of you. Before making decisions, you consult them and put their needs into consideration.

9 Efforts:

If you truly love someone, you are willing to go the extra mile to make that person happy. You always try to put in the right efforts to keep the relationship strong.

10 You fulfill your promise:

When you love that special one, you never fail to fulfill your promise to them. You always keep your word even if this person would never find out you broke your promise.

Finally, if you're not experiencing any of these 10 signs of true love in your relationship, don't be afraid to sit down with your partner and talk it over. Maybe your relationship hasn't reached the stage that surpasses physical or sexual attraction. However, you should understand you can't force someone to fall in love with you. If you aren't happy in your relationship, try to understand each other better, and if it still doesn't improve, maybe both of you would be happier dating other people.