10 Signs He's Scared Of How Much He Likes You

If you sense that he has feelings for you but isn't taking any action, it's possible that he's afraid of the intensity of those feelings. Although it may seem immature and somewhat silly, this type of behavior is not uncommon. Here are some signs that he may be internally struggling with how much he likes you.

1. He's completely changed out of the blue

There was a time when he was affectionate and amiable, constantly touching you while chatting and sitting close by when you hung out with friends. However, things have changed, and it appears as though he's created a barrier between you. He's noticeably more reserved, and this could be because he's come to terms with his feelings for you and is apprehensive about pursuing them further.

2. He jokes about dating you

As the saying goes, a person's sense of humor can reveal much about their personality. If a guy frequently jokes about starting a relationship with you, it could be his way of gauging your interest. Perhaps he's too nervous to confess his feelings directly, so he relies on indirect methods.

3. He backs off just as things get good

This behavior can be incredibly frustrating and perplexing, especially since it can be utilized by a guy who's toying with your emotions. It's when a guy acts as if he's interested in you but then withdraws when the relationship seems to be getting serious. For instance, he may take you out to dinner and kiss you, but then abruptly end the date or avoid making plans for the next one. What's the reasoning behind this?

4. He hints at previous pain

If a guy is apprehensive about elevating your relationship to a more significant level, pay attention to any indications of past heartbreak he may have suffered, such as a tumultuous breakup that has left him cautious about entrusting his heart to someone else. When he shares such experiences with you, it may be his way of attempting to communicate his current mindset.

5. He's vague about the future

Perhaps he discusses the future and even arranges future plans with you, but you can't shake the feeling that he's a bit ambiguous when it comes to envisioning a shared future. While he may indicate that he sees you in his life for the long haul, he may not offer many specifics beyond that.

6. He talks about his feelings but fears labels

This is yet another type of behavior that can be incredibly exasperating for the person on the receiving end. Despite talking about his feelings for you, he becomes evasive when you bring up the topic of defining the relationship. It's as if he's providing you with mere morsels of information!

7. He acts jealous

Even though he hasn't made a move on you, he becomes jealous or upset when he hears that someone else is interested in you. It's apparent that he's struggling with his emotions for you but needs to come to terms with his fear before it's too late.

8. He's keeping his lips zipped

Although you have a strong suspicion that the guy is interested in you, it appears as though he's always on the cusp of revealing his feelings but never quite manages to do so. The reason for this could be that he's hesitant to disclose his emotions since he's uncertain if you reciprocate his feelings.

9. His ex is still in the picture

He may be hesitant to advance your relationship because he's still emotionally entangled with his ex or requires resolution from the issues that transpired with her. This could stall your budding romance, but if he's genuinely committed to you, he'll be transparent about the situation.

10. His friends adore you

While he may not have the courage to express his feelings yet, introducing you to his friends and family is a positive sign that he's interested in you. Perhaps his friends may also provide you with indications that he's incredibly fond of you, so stay alert. The fact that you're spending time with them is a promising indication because he's allowing you to enter his life in a more meaningful manner. Allow his actions to speak for themselves!