10 Signs He Is Using You And You Might Not Even Realize

You have been dating for some time and are on the verge of making the relationship official, but there is a nagging feeling that is preventing you from taking the plunge. You are noticing several small warning signs that he may be using you, and it is crucial that you do not overlook them.

1. He's always asking you to spot him some cash

Small gestures, such as buying a Slurpee or paying for subway fare, may seem insignificant at first, but they can quickly accumulate. Although he may use his charming personality and endearing dimple to convince you to pay for him, be cautious of his subtle tactics. If you confront him and ask him to cover the cost for once, and he responds evasively or cannot return the favor, then it is clear that he is taking advantage of you.


2. You've never met his friends or family

To be honest, if you haven't been introduced to the significant people in his life, chances are you're not one of them. It's possible that his parents live far away or his schedule conflicts with his friends', but if he genuinely wanted you to be involved, he would find a way to make it work. More likely, you're just a casual hookup, so it's best to cut ties with him.


3. Your pad is his crash pad

Does he appear at your doorstep at odd hours of the night, particularly after a night out with his friends or before a morning shift at work that just happens to be close to your place? If spending the night is a regular occurrence in your relationship, it should entail spending quality time together: sharing a meal, watching a movie, or hanging out at a bar until you're both tired enough to fall asleep on the couch. The arrangement should be mutually beneficial; otherwise, he's the only one receiving the benefits.


4. His carelessness is costing you money

It's understandable to be forgetful on occasion, and you're empathetic towards him. We've all had moments where we've left our keys or important documents behind. However, if you're going out on a date for coffee, drinks, or dinner, and he frequently forgets his wallet, there's a cause for concern. Confront him about it, observe his reaction, and leave him for good if necessary.


5. Commitment? What's that?

If the word "commitment" is taboo in his vocabulary, then there's an issue. Don't tolerate excuses such as "I'm not good at making plans" or "I prefer to go with the flow, babe." If he's unable to plan ahead or reluctant to commit to events such as your cousin's wedding in May or a weekend trip in a few weeks, he simply doesn't want to commit, and that's the end of it.


6. His nickname could be Mickie the Moocher

Your beloved Bluetooth headphones and trusty coffee press have been in his possession for several weeks now. Sometimes, he "borrows" your car for an hour, but ends up gone for three. This guy is a freeloader. He's not seeking a meaningful relationship; he's searching for a wealthy sugar mama. Retrieve your belongings, alter the locks, and ensure that he's on the opposite side of the door.


7. He comes. He came. He leaves

You receive a text from him, and he wants to come over. After having mediocre sex, he finds an excuse to depart. Snuggling is a rarity, and meaningful conversations are virtually nonexistent. The harsh reality is that this guy isn't interested in a lasting relationship. He only visits when he's in the mood, obtains what he desires, and then departs. Numerous men exist who aren't selfish in bed. Don't allow him to take up space in your bed any longer!


8. The important people in your life are skeptical

Perhaps they've met him only on a few occasions (due to the difficulty of arranging a meeting time), but they're already suspicious. They pick up on the way he treats you and the fact that the relationship is not going well, and they know something you don't: this guy is just messing around. Pay attention to them; their absence of infatuation allows them to see beyond his charming smile to the real issue, and they want to witness you being treated the way you deserve!


9. You have feelings — does he know that?

If you require additional affection, commitment, and kindness, but he is incapable of providing it, and when you address it, he ridicules, offers alibis, or belittles you, then he isn't a partner, but a parasite. It's time to eliminate him from your life if your emotions are unimportant to him.


10. He's like Casper but not so friendly

When he disappears for days and then sends you a text message as if nothing happened, it's not a relationship; it's a one-way street, and he's the only one who benefits. It's time to change the dynamic by ignoring him completely. Ghost him and show him that