10 Signs He Is Gaslighting You


Are you familiar with the term gaslighting? It's a form of psychological abuse that some men use to turn their mistakes back onto you. They want you to feel bad for confronting them and to start questioning if you're the one to blame. If you suspect that your boyfriend is gaslighting you, watch out for these red flags:

1. You're Beginning To Doubt Yourself All The Time About Everything

The clearest indication of gaslighting is when you begin to doubt your judgment, morals, sanity, or even your recollection of events.


2. He Mocks Your Beliefs, Concerns, And Statements

One of the easiest ways to make someone doubt themselves is to mock them and make them feel inferior. If your boyfriend uses this tactic, it's a definite sign that he's gaslighting you, and you should break up with him.

3. You've Resorted To Keeping A Journal, Because You Really Do Feel Like His Account Of The Past Is Wrong

Your partner insists that you did something wrong, but you remember doing it differently. He continues to deny it happened as you recall it. In this case, start writing things down to have evidence of what occurred.


4. You Start To Wonder If You're Losing Your Mind

It's concerning if you feel like you're losing your mind, particularly when it comes to your relationship. You should never feel uncertain about where you stand or what's happening, particularly with someone who's meant to love you. If your boyfriend is causing you to feel like you're losing your grip on reality, it's critical to end the relationship.


5. You've Begun To Snoop, Even Though You Typically Value Privacy

Are you tempted to snoop through his phone to prove he's lying about things you've called him out on? If so, it's time to end the relationship.

6. Actually, When You Think About It, He's The ONLY Person Who Keep Making You Question Yourself

If you are the only one being accused of being crazy, then it's likely that you are not actually crazy. The more you can identify the abuse coming from a specific person, the greater the possibility that they are gaslighting you.


7. His Explanations Don't Add Up, Or Are Just Downright Implausible

The more improbable his explanations are, the more likely they are untrue. He may be trying to make you doubt your sanity by offering absurd justifications for his behavior.

8. When You Bring Something Up, He Keeps Repeating The Same Phrases Until You Drop It

He may be using a classic brainwashing technique to wear you down until you accept his version of events without question. Don't allow him to manipulate you in this way.


9. He Insists That You Don't Know What You're Talking About, Even Though You Know For A Fact You Do

Some men become insecure when they feel their partner is more intelligent than they are. If he begins to argue with you or dispute factual evidence you present, it's a sign that he's trying to undermine your credibility and boost his own ego. Don't tolerate this behavior.


10. Your Self-Esteem Took A Plunge, And It Started When You Began Dating Him

A great guy should make a confident person feel even better about themselves. If your boyfriend is constantly putting you down, he is not only a terrible boyfriend but also trying to control you by making you feel terrible about yourself.

11. Your Friends And Family Are Concerned About How He Treats You

There are times when outside observations may be worth listening to.


12. With Him, It's Always, "Deny, Deny, Deny"

Your boyfriend is always right, and you are always wrong. He never has to take any responsibility for your happiness. Instead, it's your job to keep him happy at all times. If you dare to point out any inconsistencies, deceit, or double standards, he denies them outright. This behavior is a clear example of gaslighting.


13. You Stop Being Interested In Confronting Him, Because You Know There's No Winning With Him

If your relationship has reached this point, there is no hope of fixing it, and you should leave. This is not a healthy relationship, and it never will be.