10 Signs He Doesn't Think Your Relationship Is Going To Last (But He Won't Tell You)

A man who doesn't envision a future with you, but still has feelings for you, may not be completely honest about his intentions. He may lead you on and let you figure things out on your own. Here are ten indications that he is not committed to a long-term relationship, even if he claims he is.

1. He refuses to define things

He avoids discussing the future or defining the nature of your relationship, preferring to go with the flow. This is convenient for him since he doesn't have to worry about what's ahead. Unfortunately, this suggests that he doesn't see a future with you.

2. He's mysterious about his life

He's not only enigmatic regarding his desires for the relationship but also keeps his personal life concealed. Although this may seem intriguing initially as you attempt to get to know him better, eventually, it becomes apparent that he is not committed to the relationship because he's keeping his life hidden. Such behavior does not indicate that he wants to establish a future with you.

3. He speaks in code

Do you feel like you're trying to decipher Urdu or advanced physics when conversing with him? If his responses are overly complicated and leave you feeling confused, it's likely that he's avoiding discussing the status of your relationship.

4. He gives you mixed messages

He frequently contradicts himself, which is frustrating for you. If you find yourself getting angry or confused because you can't understand what he means, it's a negative indicator. A man who changes his mind frequently is a significant warning sign that he isn't interested in a future with you. It's not because he's uncertain about what he wants; he knows but is reluctant to tell you that there is no future for you both.

5. He's inconsistent

He's extremely affectionate towards you one day and then treats you like a casual acquaintance the next, leaving you emotionally entangled. Even though he can be fantastic on occasion, a guy who deserves to be regarded as a catch should not be so inconsistent. He should be amazing all the time.

6. He says you should just live for today

When you attempt to discuss the future of your relationship, he rapidly shifts the conversation to the present moment. He may justify it as having a lust for life or some other excuse, but what he's truly doing is attempting to divert your attention from the future. He prefers to relax and enjoy your company without worrying about the future, and he wants you to do the same.

7. He makes future plans but never about serious things

You may assume that the man wants you in his life and future because he plans for you to go to Italy together. However, pause for a moment. Is he making plans for significant things such as moving in together in the future? If not, and you've been dating for months without him even suggesting those relationship milestones, he isn't serious about you.

8. He says it was love at first sight but he never says the "l" word

He might have seemed head-over-heels for you when you first met, but now that you've been dating for a while, he never actually expresses his love for you. He may even act as though he doesn't have any feelings for you. This is a load of nonsense. A man who can't commit doesn't deserve to have a relationship with you, and that's the end of the story.

9. He doesn't seem to care about making a good impression

While you might perceive him as confident or carefree, examine his conduct more closely. If he doesn't care about making a good impression on you or taking your emotions into account, he's conveying that you're not his priority. Do you want a guy like that in your life? Absolutely not. Don't perceive him as carefree, confident, or indifferent to what others think. The man is sending you a clear message: he is only careless about things that pertain to you.

10. He can't communicate in a healthy way

He's not only closed off, but he's also a poor communicator. He interrupts you, disregards you, or simply doesn't say what he's genuinely thinking. Before you dismiss him as lacking healthy communication abilities, think about this: maybe he isn't in the mood to speak up because he's concerned that you may use his words against him or leave him. He's being cautious about what he says because he doesn't want to make promises he can't keep in terms of a possible future for the two of you. You know what? He's doing you a favor. Leave now.