10 Signs He Doesn't See You As An Equal

Regrettably, sexism persists and male partners may not always treat their girlfriends with equality. Some individuals who behave arrogantly can disguise themselves as decent men and attempt to exert control in a relationship, while others may unknowingly engage in condescending behavior. Regardless, it's important for you to have a relationship where you are acknowledged and treated as an equal. If your partner displays any of the following behaviors, the issue lies with him, not with you.

1. He Walks Ahead Of You All The Time

This is a typical indication of someone who believes they are superior. It wouldn't hurt him to modify his walking pace and accompany you.

2. He Expects You To Stay Home With The Kids

Determining whether or not a woman should stay at home with her children, whether real or hypothetical, is a complex decision. If your partner expects you to bear all the burdens without having any input, then it is a clear indication of his lack of respect toward you.

3. He Talks About Your Career Like It's A Hobby

Disparaging your career decisions is a major warning sign that your partner believes he is superior to you. He ought to show respect for your choices and ambitions, regardless of whether they yield substantial or consistent financial rewards.

4. His Vote Counts More Than Yours

Certain individuals have a knack for getting their way, even in situations where the vote is equally divided. In disagreements, his vote should not serve as an all-powerful card.

5. He Always Gets The Last Word

Consistently having the final say makes a man feel more dominant or as though he has "won" the argument. A man who cannot tolerate losing an argument has a serious issue.

6. He Doesn't Consult You Before Making Large Decisions

The choices he makes have an impact on you. If he regards you as a partner, he should consult with you before making significant decisions.

7. He Makes Social Plans Without Your Input

He cannot simply arrange your social calendar and presume that you will be a happy companion. If he does not believe that he should seek your approval before committing you to attend an event, then something is amiss.

8. He Doesn't Take Your Concerns Seriously

He ought not to disregard your concerns or have the authority to determine when important conversations are over. Such behavior is discourteous and patronizing.

9. He Doesn't Respect Your Boundaries

If he cannot seem to give you personal space or allow you to enjoy a night out without his presence, it is a clear indication that he perceives himself as the authority in the relationship. He cannot arbitrarily insert himself into your life and still claim to hold you in high regard.

10. He Tries To Change You

You would not attempt to alter someone unless you considered yourself superior to them, correct? If your partner is attempting to modify your eating habits, clothing style, behavior, or other aspects, it is time to flee. You do not need someone attempting to manipulate you like a puppet.