10 Signs He Does Not Really Trust You

Even if your partner claims to trust you, actions speak louder than words. Trust is an essential element for a successful and fulfilling relationship, and if your partner displays any of these behaviors, it's a clear indication that they don't have complete faith in you, despite what they may say.

1. He Gives You Too Much Attention

Be cautious of a guy who gives you too much attention. While it may seem like he's just being sweet and caring, it could actually be a sign of trust issues. He may want to know your every move and be overly concerned with your whereabouts because he doesn't fully trust you.

2. He Hates All Your Friends

The guy who lacks trust in you will criticize your friends, regardless of their gender. He'll gradually attempt to distance you from people who care about you because he fears they'll persuade you to end things with him. His insecurities prevent him from recognizing the value of having friends outside of a relationship. He wants to possess you entirely so he can monitor your every move, and he can only achieve that by isolating you from your friends.

3. He Accuses You of Lying

It's a clear sign that your partner doesn't trust you when they consistently doubt what you say. Even if they try to hide it at first, eventually their lack of trust will become apparent. They'll question your responses and assume you're lying to them, even if you're telling the truth. This behavior can create tension and damage the foundation of your relationship.

4. He Stalks Your Social Media

Social media can connect you with people worldwide, but it can also drive a distrustful boyfriend crazy. He will analyze every post and question every comment, assuming that every person who "likes" your update is someone you're secretly seeing. It's exhausting to deal with someone like that, so why bother?

5. He Has a Fit When You Leave the House

No matter how hard you try, escaping from him even for a brief moment is nearly impossible. He'll resist every time you attempt to do something without him. His desire to keep an eye on everything you do suggests he's not constantly with you out of love, but because of his deep-seated trust issues.

6. He Monopolizes Your Time

Eventually, you may sacrifice your time with loved ones just to avoid conflict with your boyfriend, and that's when he'll have you exactly where he wants you: at his side all the time. While spending time with your partner can be wonderful, feeling pressured to spend every moment together may indicate he's keeping you on a tight leash due to his lack of trust.

7. Your Phone Rings Off The Hook

The guy who lacks trust won't let you have your space even for a few hours. He'll constantly blow up your phone by calling, texting, and messaging you on all social media platforms. He does this just to figure out what you're doing and who you're with. It's exhausting, isn't it?

8. He Asks a Billion Questions

While asking questions is a sign of interest, asking too many questions can be a red flag in a relationship. A guy who asks an excessive amount of questions is not necessarily trying to understand you better; he may be trying to catch you in a lie or find inconsistencies in your story.

9. He Snoops

The moment you step away to take a shower, the guy who lacks trust in you will rummage through your phone and read your emails. His constant fear is that you'll cheat on him, and he's determined to catch you in the act. If you enjoy being under constant surveillance, then he's the guy for you. However, if you desire a partner who has faith that you love and would never betray him, it's time to find a new partner.

10. He Doesn't Like Your Decisions

The guy who doesn't trust you will always have a suggestion for everything you do or plan to do. He doesn't believe that you can make your own decisions, and he'll criticize your choices. He won't even bother to ask for your opinion because he thinks you don't have enough knowledge. It's crucial to address these signs of distrust in your relationship before they worsen.