10 Shot, 2 Dead In Virginia Beach Oceanfront Mass Shooting; Multiple Crime Scenes

10 shot, 2 dead in virginia beach oceanfront mass shooting; multiple crime scenes

Someone (or several people) opened fire at a popular tourist spot in Virginia Beach on March 26. After the shooting, two people have already died, while many others are getting treatment from serious gunshot injuries in hospitals.

A man and a woman died after the shooting, which took place on Friday 26.

Following the incident, the police were able to identify three different crime scenes, with two of them appearing to be related.

However, a woman's death at a third crime scene may have no connection to the other two scenes, although the crime was also committed through a shooting.

Paul Newdigate, Virginia Beach Police Chief, said during a media statement that police officers were given reports about a shooting at 11 p.m. on Friday. About 7 people are believed to have been shot on that night.

The police had already responded to calls about the mass shooting when they heard gunshots about a block from the scene. The police officers responded to the scene, and during a confrontation with the police, a man was killed.

The man who was shot by the police is believed to be a suspect. As per the policies of the department, the Special Operation officer responsible for the man's death has been put on temporary administrative leave.

The police chief also explained that although an unidentified woman was shot close to the initial crime scene, her death might not connect to the initial crime scene.

Newdigate explained that they had a very chaotic night at the beach after an equally chaotic incident. During a press conference, he explained that they had to deal with many different crime scenes.

In addition to all this bloody mayhem, a police officer was hit by a car. Fortunately, he is expected to make a full recovery from his injuries.

So far, the police have not identified the dead suspect or any other suspect.