10 Secret Ways To Make A Man Obsessed With You, According To A Guy

Have you ever been so enamored with someone that you became obsessed with them? While it may be more common for people to become obsessed with someone they like, it is also possible for someone to make someone else obsessed with them. If you want to make a man go crazy for you, try these 10 tips:

1. Have Confidence

Confidence is often attractive to people. Someone who is confident and comfortable in their own skin can be very appealing. Even if you need to pretend at first, try to project confidence. Men often do not want to be with an insecure partner, so showing that you are a confident person can make a man become obsessed with you because he may see that you are special.

2. Show Off Your Smarts

It is important not to diminish your intelligence for the sake of a man. In fact, many men find smart women who can hold a good conversation and share interesting ideas very attractive. It keeps them wondering what you will say next and makes them think about more than just your appearance. They will also be eager to spend more time with you, which can lead to obsession.

3. Be Kind

Sometimes, just being kind to others can be enough to make someone obsessed with you. It is not always easy to be compassionate towards everyone you encounter, but it can be especially attractive to men. Being kind and caring can make you stand out and it is something that many men find appealing.

4. Having A Life Outside The Relationship

If you focus all of your time and energy on the relationship, it will be difficult for a man to become obsessed with you. It is important to have a life outside of the relationship to keep him interested and fuel his infatuation with you. If you are always available to him, he will not have the opportunity to become obsessed. Therefore, it is crucial to maintain a fulfilling and interesting life outside of the relationship.

5. Be Subtle

It is important to show interest in a man, but you do not want to appear too eager. Try to play it cool and be somewhat hard to get. When you are subtle about your feelings towards him, it gives him the space he needs to pursue you and potentially become obsessed with you.

6. Don't Rush To Text Him Back

It may feel like a game, but that is okay. This is part of the process of not always being readily available to him, which gives him the chance to become obsessed. This does not mean you should intentionally take a long time to text him back. Just do not go out of your way to respond to him immediately. It is likely that he is not doing the same for you.

7. Make His Friends Like You

It is always a positive when a man's friends like you, but if you can get them to really enjoy your company, it can help make the man become obsessed with you. If his friends like you, he may want you even more because he will see how great you are and how envious his friends are of his relationship with you.

8. Leave Something To The Imagination

You should try to dress attractively to catch the attention of the man you like, but you do not want to be too flashy. You want to draw his attention but leave him wanting more. If you leave some things to his imagination, he will keep thinking about you and gradually become more infatuated with you.

9. Be Spontaneous

Spontaneity is an attractive quality in a woman because it often indicates that she is fun and exciting to be around. It keeps a man interested in you because he is always wondering what will happen next. This will make him want to stay with you without worrying about settling down or falling into a routine. If you show a man your spontaneous side, he may become obsessed with you because he will be constantly thinking about what the two of you will do next.

10. Make Him Wait For Sex

It is not necessary to make a man wait indefinitely, but it can be helpful to make him wait a bit to gauge his true feelings for you. Additionally, holding off on sleeping with him can be a useful tactic to make him obsessed with you. Allowing him time to look forward to being with you and imagine what it will be like can help fuel his obsession. A small amount of waiting without being overly teasing can be effective in this regard.