10 Rude Things Anxious People Do Unconsciously

10 Rude Things Anxious People Do Unconsciously

Anxiety disorders are affecting us more commonly than any other mental illness. Yet, it is still a silent battle for many who suffer from anxiety symptoms. Here are 10 rude things anxious people do unconsciously, which might help you recognize a loved one's struggling.

1. Avoiding Eye Contact

If eyes are the window to the soul, for anyone with an anxiety disorder, it is the scariest window to look out from. Having to face a close friend can be challenging enough and when it comes to strangers - it can be almost unbearable.

2. Temper Outbursts

We all have short temper outbursts that can happen when a metaphorical cup of our patience gets filled drop by drop. An anxious person's cup is always full by default, and absolutely anything can trigger a seemingly rude response, which is nothing more than a cry for help.

3. Interrupting Others

When your mind is always racing, it can be tricky to control when your thoughts are getting voiced. This often results in anxious people being impatient and interrupting others during a conversation.

4. Absent-Mindedness

Sometimes it gets so overwhelming that anxiety forces you to lock the doors of your mind and ignore the surroundings. From the outside, it appears as listening without hearing and looking without seeing.

5. Hypnotized By The Phone

Social media is used to help us connect with individuals from all over the world. Now, it has kind of turned into a way to avoid actual communication. Whatever is: a harmless game or a never-ending news feed, if a phone takes up a large portion of the day - it is a mental health issue.

6. Avoiding Verbal Contact

Anyone with anxiety will confirm that texting is way more comfortable than talking on the phone or speaking IRL. This is just another technique for emotional shielding - a person can be crying their face-off while typing a line of laughing emojis.

7. Fighting Relationships

Single people who suffer from anxiety try to avoid creating new bonds at all costs, while committed anxious people are desperately looking for a way out of their relationship, no matter how functioning it is. One of the possible reasons for that is that dealing with your own emotions and thoughts can be a handful, so this makes the probability of being responsible for someone else very scary.

8. Cancelling Plans

Friends who care tend to ask personal questions, the kind of questions anxious people are not ready to answer. This leads to the cancellation of plans, ghosting, and initiating fights in order to avoid getting together.

9. Irrational Behavior

Anxiety is the beast that tackles even the most confident and self-aware people. The outcome is usually a chain of random decisions and a shift in character, for example, avoiding public speaking, even though before it was never an issue.

10. Offensive Jokes

A wounded animal is always angrier, and the same applies to people who suffer from anxiety disorders. Dark, sarcastic, and borderline offensive humor can point out the deep state of anxiousness.

Kick Anxiety's Butt

If you recognized yourself or anyone you know in the above 10 rude things anxious people do unconsciously - get it addressed. Unlike many other mental disorders, anxiety is highly treatable and can be resolved once and for all.

The first step to an anxiety-free life is to adopt a healthier lifestyle, which will include an appropriate sleeping schedule, a workout routine, and a nutritional diet. Of course, ensure to seek help from a mental health professional to get diagnosed correctly and use the right instruments to heal effectively.