10 Romantic Comedy Movies And TV Shows To Watch In 2023

2022 is finally coming to an end, and whether you had a good or not-so-good year, you can look forward to a fresh start in the new year. It's time to leave everything behind and face a new year with an open and optimistic heart. To get the ball rolling, why not kick off 2023 with some light-hearted, romantic comedy movie and TV show marathons?

In this article, we'll share some of the best rom-com movies and TV shows to welcome the new year with a smile. So, get your popcorn ready, and let's dive into these rom-com goodies!


To All The Boys I've Loved Before (Movie)

This sweet and funny Netflix movie follows the story of high schooler Lara Jean, who unexpectedly finds herself on the romantic rollercoaster of her life when all of her secret love letters are sent out. But one movie isn't enough for this charming story, so make sure you watch its two sequels: To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You and To All the Boys: Always and Forever.


Love Alarm (TV Show)

If you're into K-dramas or planning to watch one, we recommend you start with Love Alarm. This romantic South Korean drama follows the story of Kim Jojo, a teenage girl who discovers a mobile app that notifies her when someone within 10 meters has romantic feelings for her. With an intriguing storyline and plenty of heart, this show is sure to make you laugh and swoon at the same time.


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The Big Sick (Movie)

Featuring Kumail Nanjiani in his breakout role, this movie follows the story of a struggling Pakistani stand-up comedian who falls for an American graduate student. As their relationship progresses, he meets her parents and deals with his own family's expectations—all in the backdrop of a mysterious illness that threatens to end it all.


Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (TV Show)

This hilarious and heartfelt show follows the story of Rebecca Bunch, a successful lawyer who impulsively moves to West Covina, California, in an effort to pursue her former boyfriend. You will also see some political statements that make the show a bit more meaningful. It's a must-watch for its excellent original songs and sharp comedy.

Midnight In Paris

Written and directed by Woody Allen, this movie follows the story of Gil Pender, a successful but frustrated Hollywood screenwriter who takes a trip to Paris and finds himself magically transported back to the 1920s. The film is full of witty dialogue and intriguing characters, making it a perfect watch for romantic comedy lovers.


This classic movie can be found on most streaming services, like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime, as well as live TV streaming platforms, like Dish TV and fuboTV – you just need to find the right time slot.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine (TV Show)

This modern classic follows the lives of a diverse and eccentric group of detectives in Brooklyn's 99th Precinct. It has everything you need for a good laugh, from outrageous jokes to clever satire—all with an underlying heartwarming message about friendship and teamwork. With eight seasons awaiting to be watched, it's sure to keep you entertained for days.


500 Days Of Summer (Movie)

This classic indie movie follows the story of Tom Hansen, a greeting card writer whose life is turned upside down when he falls for the free-spirited Summer Finn. With an unusual structure that jumps back and forth between the past and present, the movie offers an in-depth look at modern romance—complete with its ups and downs.

Jane The Virgin (TV Show)

This telenovela-style TV show follows the story of Jane Villanueva, a young Latina who is mistakenly artificially inseminated and subsequently gets involved with her biological father. It explores family dynamics and religious beliefs as well as Latin American culture—all while maintaining a fun and light-hearted tone that will make you laugh and cry.


Warm Bodies (Movie)

Based on the novel by Isaac Marion, this romantic zombie comedy follows the story of R, a zombie who is looking for something more in life. After he saves a human named Julie from another zombie attack, the two begin to fall in love despite them being members of different species. A truly unique and heartwarming movie perfect for date night.

How I Met Your Mother (TV Show)

Whether you've watched it or not, watching HIMYM is always a good idea. Some people will even say their year wouldn't be complete without re-watching this legendary TV series. It's a great show to watch while chilling with friends, especially since you can all relate to the characters' stories. Plus, it has an incredible soundtrack that you won't want to miss!


Final Thoughts

These are just a few of our picks for the best movies and TV shows to watch. There's something for everyone out there, so make sure you take some time to explore all the options available on your favorite streaming platform!