10 Relationship Goals That Actually Matter

10 Relationship Goals That Actually Matter

There is more to having a good relationship than advertising to the world through social media that you are a couple. When it comes down to it, there are a couple of things that actually matter, and the rest is just noise. These goals are worth paying attention to, at least as long as you want to have a real relationship with your partner.

1. Becoming best friends

While physical attraction is certainly important in a relationship, you should get along with your partner as friends as well. This means feeling comfortable sharing your true personalities with each other without feeling judged and also enjoying light moments with each other.


2. Having a good relationship with parents

If you are serious about him, then you should aspire to get along with the parents. Obviously, you will want to enjoy the acceptance and the good relationship that he also has with the parents; but there are ways around this if they do not make it particularly easy for you.


3. Growing together

Everyone changes, even people who are in a relationship and want the same things out of life. But even in the face of these changes, you should always remain together and your love should never be shaken.

4. Having proper communication

Many promising relationships go down the drain due to poor communication. Therefore, being in a relationship where you have great communication is very important, regardless of how much love there is between the two of you. You should always share your feelings and concerns about your relationship so that you don't bottle up feelings and end up having big fights that could threaten your relationship.


5. Being in agreement about your future

While you might be doing great right now, you have to think of what your future will be like. Do you dream of the same life goals? If not, then you might be wasting each other's time and could be better off moving on in order to find the right partners for you.

6. Traveling together without driving each other crazy

Couples realize how quickly they can have enough of each other when traveling and dealing with the stresses that come with it. So, it is important that you make this a relationship goal as it means the two of you could visit a lot of amazing places and have lots of fun while at it.


7. Sharing unconditional love

You should aim to get to a point where you love your romantic partner unconditionally, just as you would love your own family members. But this takes trust and understanding and having the assurance that the other person will be there for you when you need them no matter what.

8. Not feeling pressured to wear makeup

When a relationship begins, you will probably want to look your best around your partner, and it's understandable since you want to create a good first impression. But after you have gotten really close and are serious about the relationship, you should not feel the pressure to wear makeup in order to feel attractive around him.


9. Having the best sex together

Some people say that being in a long-term relationship kills the romance and affects your love life, but that is not true. When you are with the right person, your sex life can only get better over time, not worse.

10. Committing to making it last forever

This is clearly the most important relationship goal there is. Both of you should be committed to making your relationship last for the rest of your lives. This is a huge goal, and it is without a doubt a little scary; but nonetheless, it is a very important one.